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PS5 Devkit/Testkit Debug Settings pictures surface


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  1. Don’t say first you idiot says:

    That’s pretty cool, I wonder how long it will take until we get a hack available. It seems the old days of hacks being available right away are over.

  2. Norbi3022 says:

    please playstation 6
    RDNA3 40 Tflops GPU+zen4 cpu +64GB ram(2x32GB)+m2 SSD gen4 in playstation 6 dev kit (AMD Smart Access Memory )

    • Conehead says:

      I want a console from Sony that play games in really 4k without upscaling. That start from the PS3 until the PS5. And of course, a minimum of 60 FPS in every situation. I play games on the PS2 that have sometimes 20. PS3 Need for Speed Rivals with 4-5 Police cars. You can draw a picture, so many FPS. And the last news of PS4… no no. Not more upscaling and low FPS.

      • TobATon says:

        I see words in your comment… but they don’t seem to make much sense when put together in that order.

        • Captain Obvious says:

          J㎲t like with the ㏇㎱oᇉs, when you need a jailbreak, you wiᄔ surely get it. I waited close to 4 months on 7.55, I reme㏔er I was signed ㏌to PSN and wanted to buy GOW but the ㏚iŒ was steep… then I realised t㏊t the disc ve₨юn was cheaper…Weᄔ, I ㏊d the money, but I decided to gⅳe noth㏌g to Sony bec㍳se my other PS4 t㏊t I bo㎍ht foᄔow㏌g wololo guidel㏌es ( 1 jailbreak , 1 official ) wouldn’t bᅇt after I bo㎍ht it. I play safe. I knew this ㍲y would ㏇me. Anyth㏌g t㏊t breaks and it’s ㎃de by Sony geʦ replaŒd by another item of iʦ valᵫ ㏌ my g㏂e library. The HDMI faiᇉd from w㏊t I ㏇uld ℡L. So a 7.55 jailbreak surfaŒd and I ㎃㎁ged to download a GOW fp㎏. Sony got ㎩id ㏌ the end… There’s no piracy here. The ㏚iŒ of a ㏇㎱oᇉ for a g㏂e. Weᄔ, I’ve later adj㎲ted t㏊t. Downloaded some other g㏂es so t㏊t the g㏂es were worth the ㏚iŒ of the ㏇㎱oᇉ and the re㎩ir.

        • Captain Obvious says:

          Captain Obvious here.
          Wololo trimmed his comment.
          I had a big comment on another thread but mine never surfaced.
          In my case wololo banned my comment.
          So you know.

  3. Captain Obvious says:

    hyper text transfer protocol secured double dot slash slash wordldwideweb dot spiderarmy dot com slash text-reduction

  4. Captain Obvious says:

    So you can break the word limit on wololo.
    You’re welcome.

  1. August 15, 2021

    […] The pictures feature extensive PS5 Debug Settings screenshots and GUI for the Devkit and the TestKit, as identified below: Devkit: Sony PlayStation®5/ …View full source […]