Vita Release: GameMakerVPKBuilder 1.0

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  1. IBeatYou says:


  2. Me, myself and I. says:

    This video (GameMakerVPKBuilder v1.0) has quite fancy background music…

  3. Heroshi says:

    Isnt this just a straight up copy of GayMaker from Silica?

  4. Leo says:

    will this work to bring the amazin AM2R to vita with less bugs than the unnoficial ported version?
    Id love to se a properly build of AM2R running on PS vita.

  5. GooSee says:

    I wish it supported GameMaker 8 files too.
    Converting them is hard getting too much code errors. (i’m not a programmer)
    I just wanted to try to port Super Mario 2011 by pi-dev

  6. Yoti says:

    These guys are thieves. They used Deltarune port by tijesef + Russian translate by lbvrf090 as base VPK (.rar\tools\source.vpk) and don’t credited them.
    Source code:

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