PS Vita: Heroes of Might and Magic 2 port (fheroes2) updated to 0.9.6


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9 Responses

  1. Firstus says:


  2. Greg says:

    NorthFear isn’t a person who published the game. fheroes2 team did. Please at least check what you’re reposting.

    • Me, myself and I. says:

      He has published a port for PS Vita.
      At least this is how I understand it from this news, so I am not sure what seems be a problem?

      • Greg says:

        He didn’t publish this release. Check fheroes2 GitHub page: they have automated publishing without anyone manually do it. Even the page in this news shows no sign of Northfear. My point is that he did some work in the past but according to commits he does nothing so it’s not correct to give credits to him.

      • Northfear says:

        The port was upstreamed, so it’s more of a fheroes2 team release now. I’m still fixing Vita related stuff occasionally and pinging Rinne about vitadb updates, but that’s about it.