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PS Vita Release: bc2_vita 1.0, Battlefield Bad Company 2 port by TheFloW


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7 Responses

  1. PC_USER says:

    TheFloW, you are the best. Thank you.

  2. Commentor says:

    Question: Is BC2 as comical as BC1?

    tyia 🙂

    • JacekJagosz says:

      The PC version when I played it was absolutely fantastic, I laughed my *** off on the team’s comments. The translation to Polish as well as voice actors were great though, not sure if English version is as good.

    • drd7of14 says:

      Not nearly as much, though it is still fun. Just certainly less comical

  3. Smoker1 says:

    Good luck getting it on Amazon. Note 9 and a Tab S7, but according to Amazon, both are not Compatible.

  4. Quhark says:

    Does the multiplayer work? Would be funny