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PS Vita: Rinnegatamante teases a Doom 3 port to the console (video)


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  1. Lark says:

    This is neat hope mods work with it. The Dark Mod anyone?

    • H4Z says:

      OMG YES!.. but I’m 90% sure it won’t be possible, sadly. The Dark Mod is no longer actually a mod, had its engine thoroughly tweaked and enhanced with modern rendering techniques, and was already more power hungry than vanilla Doom 3.
      But having an adequate 3D stealth action on a Vita would be neat. And no, that collection of games about a certain chain smoker Pacman who hides in cardboard boxes doesn’t cover that niche.

  2. Chalavet says:

    Nothing surprises me yet. I’m, nevertheless, quite impressed. He and The Flow have put several companies to shame!

  3. GooSee says:

    Hoping for someone to reverse-engineer NFS Most Wanted 2005 and port it to PS Vita.
    Now this is the only game i want (others are already ported thanks to developers)

  4. Ricardo Amaral Accioly says:

    I’m still waiting for that Dead Space mobile port

    • Argon says:

      There are few of us waiting with the hope. Dead Space Mobile is a great game.

      P.S. Running Doom 3 on PS Vita is very, very impressive.

    • Um says:

      Little by little, we can all actually contribute to help solve the problem. They’re currently asking for help with development. As this is an our-community effort and not a GameStop pre-order. No offense to anyone.

  5. JohnnyRico says:

    Rofl your suggestions, while there is still no Deus Ex port

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