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Do we need the Steam Deck?


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33 Responses

  1. ryanrudolf says:

    pre-order for the 512GB version. initially it showed up as Q3 2022, but now it shows up as Q2 2022! excited!

  2. Rom Yaroshevsky says:

    LOL… Verge still being idiots and not getting their info right. how can you compare graphics ddr6 to the system ram (lpddr5). those are not quite the same thing, in theory yes, but in practical outcome; they’re used differently by the system… ANYWAYS, i have mine already reserved for Q1 2022!!

  3. mar2ck says:

    GPD win, Aya neo, OneXplayer cost a fortune, Steam Deck has already differentiated itself by actually being an affordable price. And Valve actually repair their products unlike GPD support who run you around in circles

  4. Einy says:

    It’s not a good console, see it in future.

    • HappyGamer says:

      I’m a heavy portable gamer at home. This product is definitely niche but it targets the crowd who likes playing from the comfort of bed, laying or sitting on a couch, or even toilet like you mentioned in the article. I have the switch and vita so it is not really something I need to have. i will probably snag one, once it becomes cheaper. I can see folks not liking this thing in about 2-3 years.

  5. eldopa says:

    LOL at other handheld PC argument. They all start at 1000 USD and are way slower than Steam Deck which starts at 399 USD. I always wanted to buy GPD or Aya but not for 1k USD. I can afford it but it’s just not worth that much. Deck is better in every way at half the price. If that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.

    And about the Steam Machines. AFAIK the general reaction was completely different than journos say, because everyone rediculed the idea. And now all of the sudden everyone brings that up and say that ppl were excited about Steam Machines LOL. They weren’t! Stop chainging history so you can ‘prove’ your point.

    • Jimmy says:

      *** are you on about? Unless that RDNA 2 enabled APU in the Steam Deck can be confirmed to have Ray-Tracing support it’s dead in the water compared to my i7 Win 3. 1.6 teraflops for the GPU compared to the i7 Win 3’s 2.46 teraflops (max). 2.4 to 3.6 ghz for the Steam Decks CPU at a default tdp of 15w is certainly easily beaten by the i7 Win 3’s CPU at 2.8 to 4.7 ghz (max). As for the price difference, sure you got a valid point but an extra $249 over the base price for 512 GB NVME storage? That’s downright extortionate. Hey-ho. Your money and choice.

      • BubBob says:

        Portables using real time ray tracing, a technology that’s still recent and has opportunity for vast performance increases in future GPU generations? LOL.

        The specs of the Win3 are indeed better than the Deck, but the price of the Win3 is 90% higher than the 256gb Deck model.

        Also the ‘extortionate’ price increase is kinda crappy, but it’s typical of prebuilt laptops/PCs.

        • Jimmy says:

          Of course I wasn’t serious, just pointing out that it was technically possible as per the specifications of 1 RT core per CU for RDNA 2.

      • Jamal says:

        I have one thing to say about your super expensive Win 3: 5,5inch. Thank you.

        • Jimmy says:

          Erm, TV out? It is a fixed resolution of 1280×720/800 that both will be gaming at not something super detailed by modern standards. A bigger screen will only highlight how poor that resolution is. And TBH, unless you have poor eyesight it is not a problem. It certainly wasn’t for Nintendo when they release the Switch Light or Sony, when they released the PS Vita with it’s 5 inch screen. Gamers still lapped them up in their millions.

      • John says:

        APU with RDNA 2 VS trash intel integrated gpu xD

        • Jimmy says:

          Nothing is ever future proof so it’s not a fair comparison as the Steam Deck was not available until after the Win 3 was finished and being sold.

  6. Not Firstus says:

    NOT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Carlos says:

    With shortage of chips components, the ps5 or xbox series x, steam also run with this situation is very hard to buy.

  8. stophart says:

    Screen must be OLED panel. i don’t want to lcd screen in 2022. we can use oled in vita already.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Lol at Wololo censoring the posts by removal. Whatever.

  10. Sh4d0w927 says:

    My plan is to have No Man’s Sky and Nier Automata playable without being tied to a desk or TV. Anything else is just a bonus after that. I don’t have a plethora of graphically intensive games. Mine are more Shantae, Neptunia, River City Ransom/Girls. This will be perfect for any of these type games that haven’t already been ported over to switch.

  11. John says:

    I’m just excited to use it for emulation. The portable emulation scene isn’t the best. 3DS and Vita are too weak. Switch is decent, but finding one that can be hacked is hard and ends up making it much more expensive than it’s worth. Laptops aren’t portable in the practical sense.

    You’re basically restricted to Chinese handhelds that run old versions of Android. Like the GPD for example.

    This seems like something that will be powerful enough to emulate any system, besides the most intensive (PS3, 360, cycle accurate emulators) all for a good price. And you don’t even have to hack it, since it can run Windows natively.

    MicroSD storage will be great for this too. Not great for actual games, but more than fine for ROMs.

    I guess we’ll see how it goes, but this is the first piece of tech I’ve been excited for in many years.

  12. NateT21 says:

    Honestly, I would rather add a few more bucks and grab a decent gaming laptop, more screen real estate, more processing power, and definitely more storage

  13. srmoska says:

    if it runs better than my i5-3210m laptop it’s chaper to buy this than to replace my laptop

  14. Gamb says:

    Mini handheld PC for only 400 dollars ? Yes i need. All games from Steam. Install windows and you have Battlenet, Epic Store and others.
    Nintendo switch no more need it. Witcher low resolution low grpahics, 25fps drops, same for Doom.
    I dont play Nintendos exclusives. So for me its a great alternative.

  15. Gamb says:

    Its a great Switch alternative 400 dollars.
    Nintendo OLED with specs from 2016….for 350 dollars. Bad ports and useless Mario and pokemons games.

  16. Fabian says:

    You should have mentioned that Valve is working hard on Proton to support anti-cheat systems so that all games are compatible when Steam Deck launches. That’s their promise. Mine is ready to arrive in December, I cannot wait 🙂

  17. kokoda says:

    If this allows me to play Yakuza series on the move, then it’s day one buy for me

  18. Jgr9 says:

    Shut up! You’re not my real wallet!

  19. fasd says:

    This comparison is completely stupid.
    You should not compare a stationary Console with a Handheld.
    The PS5 and Xbox Series Devices would drain the Battery of the SteamDeck within some Minutes completely. And the cooling solution of the SteamDeck would never be able to cool (and probably run) the APUs in the other consoles.

    • JamesCameron says:

      Your comparison is also stupid, just because one is “portable” doesn’t mean that he can’t compare the power, it’s the same architecture tard.

      • marno says:

        Of course, you can compare it, but it is a completely unfair comparison.
        The APU in the SteamDeck will run on a way lower Power-Target. And it will never reach the performance of a same-gen non-portable System. The Battery and Colling System cannot handle those APUs.
        The Xbox Series S will consume about 40W just sitting in the Dashboard doing nothing. While the SteamDeck APU is designed to run at max 15W.

  20. EmberAegis says:

    Moonlight and other streaming programs exists for exactly the bed/couch/bathroom scenario described, and can just borrow the power of my PC to play my whole collection on a Vita, so a big part of the Steam Deck’s use case is lost there for me.
    That said, the expanded input options, general PC functionality, emulation potential (while not streaming), and potentially cool user interface could still bridge the gap. I’ll wait and see.

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  22. Lukas Juszczak says:

    Need? No. Want? OH, SO VERY MUCH.