Netflix plans to start publishing videogames

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  1. Ponxpunks says:


  2. floop says:

    you went with this over the steam deck?

    • anon says:

      steam deck is garbage, just get something like an aya neo or onexplayer, more freedom.

      • JamesCameron says:

        lol, indiegogo proyects are always garbage

        • anon says:

          still better that a closed off OS, but unless it displays a familiar brand logo like steam, microsoft ect.. it sucks according to you right?

          • TehCupcakes says:

            You know you’ll be able to install a different OS on the Steam Deck, right?

      • H4Z says:

        Yeah, except “aya neo or onexplayer” cost twice as much, while having comparable hardware. And, as someone already mentioned here, you will be able to install whatever OS you want on Steam Deck. Thus, your argument is invalid.

        • anon says:

          “Thus, your argument is invalid”
          is this reddit or something? It’ll be funny when valve decide to lockdown the system so you can’t install any other OS. Also paying for your games so you can open launcher inside launcher inside launcher is idiotic.

          oh well, have fun with your nintendo switch “pro” I guess

          • H4Z says:

            What, using fancy wording is Reddit exclusive now? Or maybe I was sounding too pretentious, I dunno. English is not my native, gimme a break 🙂
            Anyway, the “Valve could lock it down” issue has been addressed by other commenter. And I agree about “launcher inside launcher” thing being stupid – I don’t play games that are played that way, at least officially. They are all too expencive, anyway 😛
            I wish I had money for a regular Switch…

  3. stevorkz says:

    1. Lag
    2. More and more we are not owning the games we play and this is a big step towards this
    3. Playing a game you love only for the servers to be discontinued for whatever reasons (ownership and publishing politics. Happens in netflix all the time shows just dissapear before the contract is up)
    4. People dont want dumb terminals to play games. They like haing the power in their living room or a monster PC with specs that they can show off with.

  4. ImComplaining says:

    Where can we send a complain letter to NF?

  5. anon says:

    couldn’t reply to your comment cause the mods probably locked it, being afraid as mods usually are.
    I don’t see how you can install another OS on the steam deck, but that still doesn’t solve the problem. plus what happens if you wanna play games from EA play and rockstar? do you have to install the launchers too? plus how will you use mods for certain games to fix up bad ports?

    • anon says:

      Valve wrote on the official website, that it is possible to install 3rd party apps and OS. I just looked but I was not able to find the Info right away. But also, other media reported, that it is possible to install for example Windows on it.
      On top of that, the Steamdeck runs Arch-Linux Based System, so you can install other software that way.

    • floop a dupe says:

      Your misinformed, but no worries:
      -SteamOS is just a flavor of Linux (Arch)
      -It relies on Valve’s SteamPlay, aka Proton, which is basically just WINE.
      -SteamPlay can install and run games with separate launchers, like Rockstar, Uplay etc (I know because I game on Linux mainly, it just works)
      -As its just Linux on essentially standard PC hardware, there is no way for them to lock down the system and prevent you from Installing Windows (they confirmed this)
      -As its just Linux, you can exit the Steam interface and install what ever the heck you want on the Deck, including non steam games and emulators.
      -Its just a PC, with a full fledged OS and Steam on it.

      • anon says:

        “Your misinformed, but no worries”
        “I use linux mainly, it just works”
        gee I wonder I could tell you use linux?

        • anon says:

          “haha! you made a mistake in your post, obvious of a windows user!”
          something along those lines?

          honestly, I don’t care anymore.

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