Project Rinascita – Taking the Vita From Zero to Hero


He's gotten his hands on every console from Atari to Xbox, and he's cracked open every single one of them. He's Tenshishi, a name which is either a brilliant example of the flexibility of the Japanese language, or just a bad alliteration of the name of his favorite band... We'd like to think that it's both. When he's not busting open old consoles, the wild Tenshishi enjoys reading and writing, drawing cartoons, and consuming media in the most convoluted ways possible.

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  1. Berk can says:

    Sorry but found this stupid best time to buy vita was from when 3.60 hack is introduced to switch rcm jig hack is announced after that there is nonreason to buy vita its games are too old sceeen is so small, there is no good cable streaming

    • Tenshishi says:

      Since when is games being old a bad thing? I’d rather play NBA Jam than NBA 2K any day.
      Regarding the screen, I think it’s just the right size: not too small, and not too big. Perfect to take around with you in your pocket… Which I can’t easily do with my Switch, unless it’s winter and I can use deeper coat pockets. Thr Switch Lite is nicer for that, but it kind of defeats the purpose of owning a Switch if you can’t play Mario Kart or Party with friends!
      Cable streaming… Well, yeah, you’re more or less right, there. The quality is surprisingly good for USB video, though.
      As for the hack being introduced as a better time… There’s no denying that it was a cool time for all, but it still wasn’t accessible to everyone then, and features were limited. Now, every single Vita is hackable, and there’s tons of cool ports and plugins to choose from!

    • Waru says:

      Looks like someone missed the entire point and didn’t actually read the article. Way to show us how little attention you paid (if at all)

  2. Bl4ck says:

    I’m still reading this but I just have to say something about it,
    “Its controls are more solid than those on the Joy Cons – especially the analog sticks”
    WHAT?! Do you even own both consoles?, because I do and both sticks can’t even be compared. Switch’s analog sticks are bigger, better, more solid and more home console like, while the vita’s are tiny, have less trajectory and feel more like a handheld analog stick. Same goes for the buttons, no comparison at all, Switch is vastly superior. Don’t get me wrong, I love my vita, but it feels like you are just baselessly throwing dirt on the Switch to make your article a seem bit more relevant. Also the vita suffers from drift as much as the switch, in fact I had to change one of the sticks on the vita while the switch’s still work perfectly.

  3. M says:

    Yeah I love the vita but eh.

  4. Crunt says:

    Wow, these comments so far suck 😀 Thanks for the great article and update on what’s possible! Too bad the XBOX simps got here first lol

    • Chalavet says:

      Great article indeed. I found my way down the rabbit hole back in 2019 deciding to take the plunge. I’ve definitely put in more time on it than my Switch since I’ve owned both. Very easy hack, and the scene is second to none!

  5. Mgplayer says:

    Tanx devs

  6. fuller says:

    A good overview of getting the Vita hacked, but…
    “Maybe on most websites, article writers would pretend that hacks and homebrew don’t exist”
    You know you just did this to the Switch, right? And mentioning Android ports and emulators when you set up the comparison isn’t exactly a win either. I still like the Vita, but pretending it’s THE premiere experience in 2021 is pretty funny

    • Tenshishi says:

      I don’t own a hackable Switch and many people don’t; meanwhile, there’s not any kind of Vita that can’t be hacked at the moment. At some point, my Switch will be hackable and then I can do a direct comparison, but until then, I don’t have much perspective on it.
      As for the Vita being a premiere experience… Well, I kind of feel like it is. If you go into a device not expecting the “latest” experience, but just finding one that’s new to you, there’s a lot of fun to be had. I got just as hyped to try out Ratchet & Clank for the first time as I did to try Super Mario Odyssey, and there’s a lot of games in the PlayStation, PSP and Vita libraries that I think are still loads of fun today. I think that it’s a better overall library than what the Switch offers.

      • Anonimus says:

        Every single Switch is hackable with the Xecuter SX Core/SX Lite. Now whatever you are able to find one and have the money for it is a different story, but they are hackable. My Switch Lite is running Atmosphere right now.

        • Anondumbass says:

          Lol not every switch is hackable they have patched units and you can’t get chips or licenses anymore dumb ***

        • Tenshishi says:

          True, but finding one… That’s near impossible these days. It’s surprising, but I couldn’t even find a listing for a chip on eBay – just a pre-hacked system. I was expecting to at least find an overeager scalper or something…

    • Raviant says:

      Nobody said that Vita is the premiere experience now. Ofc Switch is better, if you can hack it that is. Only thing that this article implying is that Vita is way better than it was in its retail time.

  7. NakedFaerie says:

    I came here thinking there was some brand new awesome app/firmware/gui/ANYTHING but no its just all BS talk.
    The Vita is dead unless you want to run homebrew. Half the games are broken and their servers closed.
    Nearly all the apps no longer work and again servers closed or broken to the Vita.
    $ony keep sc*** with it with new firmwares for absolutely no reason but make it harder for the people keeping it alive from enjoying the awesome switch killer device it is.
    I said before the Switch came out and keep saying it, if $ony took their head out of their own ***e$ for 2 seconds and pushed the Vita just before the Switch came out EVERYONE would’ve got the Vita instead of the Switch. BUT $ony are only in it “for the money” and NOT for the gamers. If they really were for the gamers they would’nt have killed off the Vita so soon and would’ve turned their advertising to a Switch killer mode.
    Can the Switch play games on the train? No,. the Vita can.
    Does the Switch have cameras, GPS, 2 touch screens, the ability to play AAA games like God Of War and Spiderman, Last Of Us, etc? No, the Vita does and can.
    Does the Switch have an OLED screen? no, the Vita DID.
    Does the Switch have stable analog sticks? No, the Vita does. (My Vita is a launch vita and still working very nicely)
    Can the Switch play previous gen games? No, the Vita can. (It can play PS, PSP and Vita games so its got backwards compatibility. (The Switch can play switch games only, ok, its got 2 apps, a SNES and NES app but thats NOT BC, its still a Switch app)

    I always said the Vita was a Switch killer, I think I proved it above.

  8. lord sith says:

    unlimited power

  9. Raul says:

    Really, you nailed it. Thank you kindly

    • Cecil says:

      Didnt a vita hacking progession/history artlcle like this was already posted by wololo sometime ago already? I fully respect the site wants to reflect on its founding root, but this article feels just like a filler…
      Btw I did happen to dig out my Gen 1 OLED Vita and charged it up to make sure the battery’s not dead, and then back to storage it goes…

      • No I disagree says:

        It’s a hacking site with news some of us want stuff to read.

        What do you consider articles by ign and other larger companies? Necessary?

  10. MarSprite says:

    I have a Switch, a tricked out VITA 3g and a tricked out VITA TV, but in the end I just play with my phone, or on my PC. Emulated games(even psp games?!) look and run better on my phone, so if I was going to use the VITAs, it would mostly be for original titles.

  11. NakedFaerie says:

    you deleted my posts again?

  12. NakedFaerie says:

    you deleted my posts again?

  13. NakedFaerie says:

    you deleted my posts again?

  14. Bl4ck says:

    Nice post, I just don’t agree where you say the Vita’s controls are better tho Switch’s controls are vastly superior and more home console like, specially the sticks . And even if you are talking about joycon drift, the vita’s analog sticks have as much drift, just take a look at r/vitahacks and r/vitapiracy.

  15. DenushkaRurushka says:

    Despite the fact that many say that Vita is dead (although this is true, thanks to Sony), Vita is still in the top 3 (the rest are Switch and 3DS) portable consoles that are worth buying even now.

    • Cecil says:

      Duh, ’cause there ain’t any new ones since Switch. The market for handheld video game console has been taken over by smart phones in case you havent noticed. :/

    • Tenshishi says:

      Absolutely! New experiences (to a person) are just as valuable as new releases (on the market), and the Vita has a whole lot of great ones to offer. In the battle between the 3DS and the Vita… That’s a close one to call. Maybe I should take a closer look at that in an article…

  16. TobATon says:

    I’ve got my modded Switch and all, but I still fall back on the vita for pretty much any kind of on-the-go gaming. The OLED screen on the 1000 series is excellent and overall the shape/size make for a much better experience as a handheld. The analog sticks still stick out a bit (which can be a pain with certain pockets) but they still stand out much less than the ones on the switch. Maybe if Nintendo does release an actual portable switch (unlike the switch lite which isn’t nearly as portable as it could be) and includes an upgraded oled screen with it, then I might be able to view things differently.

  17. lololo says:

    >are going to inflate the price of Vita hardware more and more… So, if you’ve been wondering whether or not now is the time, believe me – YES, it absolutely is!

    Sorry to rain on your parade, but it is NOT the time to buy Vita. The time to buy it was before Summer 2019 – before it got discontinued, which made the price rise sky-high. At the current price, it makes no sense to buy it, unless you can score it second-hand at a low price.

    • Tenshishi says:

      Now definitely isn’t the best time price-wise, but it is as far as homebrew and feature access goes.

      That being said, the price isn’t going to go down from this point; it’s only going to keep going up steadily. So if interested parties still haven’t grabbed a Vita, sooner is better than later.

  18. nanonomad says:

    Nice to see wololo posting good original stuff