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PS5 Firmware 21.01-03.21.00 Released


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  1. NakedFaerie says:

    Well I just got my PS5 tonight and it updated. I didn’t know it was a new firmware, it was whatever is out there.
    Just transfered stuff from PS4 so rebooted and didn’t say there was a new firmware so it must be on the latest now I’m guessing.
    These days its too risky with online accounts and online stores. When they banned my PS3 account there was 0 proof it was hacked but they banned it anyway and I lost what I estimated about $10,000 of software. I was buying about $100 a week in games for about 5 years. I had about 700 games in my list and now I got no access to them.
    Not going to do that again. All hacked consoles have their own hacked account with free games only online.
    When PS5’s become more available I might get a 2nd one but thats when backups are able to be played on them. I still dont have a hacked PS4, I do have a spare PS4 but thats still linked to my good PS4/5 account so not getting hacked until I unlink it .

    ($ony – for the money NOT the player)

    Oh, BTW, how do you get to SNAP things to the side? The XboxOne had that feature and removed it 2 weeks after I brought my first XboxOne… Now I hear PS5 has that same feature but cant work out how to get it to work. I seen videos of it working. Is it a working feature or a coming feature?
    You know, when you snap something to the side and keep playing your game like a webpage or video app.
    That was the best feature of the XboxOne when it had it, I could watch TV on the side and play a game at the same time. Then they stupidly removed it so I returned the XboxOne to the shop.

  2. FreeMyPS5 says:

    Ratchet and Clank requires a higher FW than the base firmware. Reternals nearest update also requires high FW.

  3. spotanjo3 says:

    I am staying with my lower FW PS5.

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