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PS3 Emulator: RPCS3 0.0.17 Alpha release


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8 Responses

  1. sadwed says:

    Its amazing how much progress they’ve made I’m still over the moon that ncaa 14 works

  2. none says:

    One day PS5 will be jailbreak and this emulator will be fully playable on PS5 jailbreak easily!

    • Cecil says:

      You have no clue dont u?

      • Gamr13 says:

        He does, the PS4 has Linux available for jailbroken consoles, if the PS5 gets the same treatment, then yes, RPCS3 will run.

        • John says:

          Problem is, with every emulation stage you usually loose performance, increase input lags, etc. Unless Linux on ps4/ps5 is not emulated but runs on bare metal, you would sacrifice performance twice, once using linux, then once running rpcs3.
          Running rpcs3 on a PC would be more beneficial, but sure, not everyone has the luxury of owning multiple powerful devices, so would still be a good option.

          • Captain Cool says:

            GNU/Linux runs on bare metal on ps4, with functional GPU drivers for OpenGL/Vulkan and access to all memory and CPU cores. It runs as well as it would on a computer with similar specifications. GNU/Linux on ps5 shouldn’t work differently, and the hardware is more than enough for RPCS3 to run decently well. Given the current prices for comparable PC hardware, PS5 is poised to become a pretty compelling gaming device once it’s able to run GNU/Linux, be it for console, PC games or emulation.

          • Systemd/Linux says:

            hahahaha you fell for the “GNU/Linux” meme hahaha loser