Re3 and ReVC (reverse engineered GTA implementations) back on github after DCMA counter notice


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8 Responses

  1. Formedras says:

    It’s disappointing that this site hasn’t even mentioned the passing of Near, one of the most important programmers in emulation. Bullied to death by anti-trans ***. (Speaking of which… *** SilicaAndPina.)

    • wololo says:

      I felt this was not the kind of thing I should write about. I don’t think I would have the appropriate words.

  2. GooSee says:

    Great news! I think more updates are coming…. Especially for Vita version.

  3. Third-world Rant says:

    Won’t give us ps2 era GTA games, won’t give us any new GTA on current console. And now when some Devs hard work made it possible to play III and VC, they want to take legal action.

  4. Freakky says:

    Thank you for thins info.

  5. Durk says:

    Seriously Take Two, go *** yourselves. Something reverse engineered is out of your hands, since non of your code has been implemented. They aren’t losing any money either, if anything they are selling even more versions of GTA3 and GTA:SA on android because that’s what you need to get this port going with their tools.

  6. We are the one says:

    Thank you for this info.

  7. none says:

    GTA sucks! Stupid game. BORED!