Rumors: Amazon might have PS5 stock on Prime Day (this Monday, June 21st) for those fast enough


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  1. MuchoMacho says:

    No idea how people are tripping over each other for this piece of unfinished junk.

    Soldered, static storage with no method whatsoever to expand, and none in near sight either. Rest mode that doesn’t work. Corruption issues for saved games, and downloads.

    Designed like absolute garbage, and so awkward to look at it, it won’t fit in anywhere in the home. No games worth getting it for, except maybe 2 or 3 at most, and that’s reaching. Stick drift on the sticks after a few months. Etc. etc. etc.

    And people are tripping over each other to get fleeced in buying this pile of trash? Unbelievable.

    • Sky Yuki says:

      Yeah, it not even a necessity. It not like it can mine ETH or something.
      Just let reseller die in stock of PS5.

      Or just check again if you really need it (mostly not), then follow the guide.

    • Panz says:

      Because it isn’t a “pile of trash” for most.

      I would like a PS5, myself, and it’s one of my favorite console designs of recent years. And I can certainly justify it’s worth with more than “2 or 3 games at most”. That said I knew it would be a mess when it was initially announced when it would come out, and I certainly won’t pay scalpers for it.

    • Charles Fasano says:

      It does have an m.2 expansion slot that will enable a compatible Gen 4NVMe when Sony enables it in a firmware update.

    • Solid Bear says:

      thank you…. thanks to your information i wont buy ps5 this year

  2. the thing says:

    I stopped after ps3 for someweird reason I know Microsoft was gonna buy minecraft and have it, and bone it sideways. then every company followed there security style messure. that is why I stopped playing with new consoles and just switch to pc gaming. It’s getting better. Need that pc gaming tho witch sucks.

  3. panz says:

    So is it Prime day 2021 or Prime day 2019?

  4. ssmanDE says:

    kurwa pedalskie dni

  5. Maciek says:

    Hey, in Poland you can normally buy PS5 for past month, they are always boundled but those bundles are ok, Ratched, Returnal ect.

  6. Wishie says:

    Found out about the security scanner site BlackLight today, and decided to run it against 109 tracking cookies, that’s insane!
    I know you guys need to keep the lights on, but holy cow.

  7. The thing says:

    Promotions baby!!! it is a popular site, so what the heck? or are you that guy type of person xD (dont want to be that dude/guy but im that dude/guy) yt. And after awhile i reference xD for you buddy.

  8. The thing edited: says:

    Or google imeant google not yt and about video games.

  9. frog says:

    I’m checking the french amazon site for prime days offers this morning june 21st
    So far I only see xbox series S, sold with 3 oldgen games codes (forza4+halo5+ori) with a price cut of 25%, and not very popular on sales (only 1% sold so far and more than 9 hours left)
    Also it has not been put in the correct category (if you filter by checking ‘video games and consoles’ you don’t see it…)
    So the rumours of ps5 stocks for prime days seems to be false, so far. I will check the incoming offers as well.

  10. Mikeyy says:

    See people still waiting to buy a ps5. Here in Canada I called the local EB Games and asked to be put on the list (whichever model shows first). Picked up a Digital edition yesterday. Less than a week where I’ve been trying to buy online. Gamestop is the ameircan EB, might do the same?

  1. June 20, 2021

    […] Amazon have been notoriously out of the loop for most PS5 restock events throughout the year, which is strange considering they're the biggest online …View full source […]

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