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PS3 Release: CFW 4.88 Evilnat CEX (Cobra 8.3)


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6 Responses

  1. Cecil says:

    Any advantage to switch to this cfw from Rebug?

    • Jamjam100 says:

      Rebug is better, just spoof using SEN

      • Go says:

        You can’t do that anymore. There isn’t working SEN for 4.88. Anyway Cobra 8.3 is in this FW so this is the best nowadays

        • spok says:

          ok but how to move safely from HEN 4.88 to this firmware – is there a HFW or must we use previous – also is there a risk of format or?

  2. Rudy says:


  3. JJoe says:

    Is it safe to login to my account to sync my trophies?
    Do i need to do anything before?