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How to hack your Nintendo switch in 2021: HWFLY and SX Clones, SX, RCM, unpatched vs patched… trying to clear it up for you

6 Responses

  1. Kitter says:

    What’s the best solution for genuine sx-core to update its software? Is it possible to use atmosphere on it without any trouble?

  2. Cecil says:

    Or just use Yuzu to play on a PC output to your ginormus TV for free.

  3. andrw says:

    thanks for this, on the net there are not clear informations

  4. Andrew says:

    The best thing that might (probably will) happen is open source sx clones will come in the form of a pcb that you would have to build (solder) and program with a jtag programmer all by yourself so order from a pcb maker like oshpark and parts like FPGA or clpd and resistors everything done by you the end user because it’s the only way no one will be sued