How to hack your Nintendo switch in 2021: HWFLY and SX Clones, SX, RCM, unpatched vs patched… trying to clear it up for you

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  1. Kitter says:

    What’s the best solution for genuine sx-core to update its software? Is it possible to use atmosphere on it without any trouble?

  2. Cecil says:

    Or just use Yuzu to play on a PC output to your ginormus TV for free.

    • Bobby says:

      Yup… this above me me here. I actually had ordered a ax core chip preorder way back in Nov of 2019 when they first announced as Nintendo had just sc*** me. I had to ship in my original switch for a warranty repair (hadn’t modded yet as it was new and I wasn’t thinking about it quite yet)… well they ended up saying the mobo on it fried and sent me a new one…. it was one of the very first Mariko units. I was ***! So I was all over sx core.

      Well anyways, the lawsuit happened but the retailer I got it from said he def was sending it out still. Then he said it did get shipped out and would take 2 weeks to arrive. 4 weeks later and nothing. It took him a week to finally get back to my
      Inquiry and he said he actually didn’t send it out and was now sold out….. ***… really? He then said the next day he was getting a few more but can’t shop to the US anymore… so I had to pay for a forwarding service in Canada ($95 bucks) to route it to me….

      Again, it never came. The *** shut down the site and everything and I never heard back from them again. So $95 bucks and months of agonizing over *** was going on for nothing…..

      I KnOW Long story. But it was quite the story. Anyways, I ended up building a super gaming pc/mining rig with a Zen 3950x and two Nvidia 2080 Supers last summer… started in on Yuzu two months ago cuz I wanted to mod Monster Hunter. I haven’t turned my reg switch back on since. It streams via SteamLink to my 4K 65 inch tv and plates at 1440k 60 FPS most times. F*ck yea

    • Whinford says:

      Read the title of the article again please

    • CaptainObvious says:

      Cool brah this helps me on the subway

    • adssadsad says:

      shader stutter, and graphical glitches, input lag due to emulation

    • Rusty says:

      An answer as dumb as just buy the game (I buy them because I can but not everyone can and I won’t judge them). Also, an answer as dumb as “Why are you homeless? Just buy a house!”

  3. andrw says:

    thanks for this, on the net there are not clear informations

  4. Yeonha says:

    To sum up, if you don’t have v1 Switch, you’re ***

  5. Andrew says:

    The best thing that might (probably will) happen is open source sx clones will come in the form of a pcb that you would have to build (solder) and program with a jtag programmer all by yourself so order from a pcb maker like oshpark and parts like FPGA or clpd and resistors everything done by you the end user because it’s the only way no one will be sued