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PS Vita Release: Rockstar’s Bully (Anniversary Edition) port by TheFloW


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7 Responses

  1. stophart says:

    TheFloW back to develop for GePatch. i think that important than a few rockstar games.

    It saddens me that TheFloW spends his precious time on these games

    • stophart says:

      *TheFloW should go back to developing gepatch. (I meant it that. sorry for my bad english)

    • OuahOuah says:

      Pay him 🙂
      Or just do like other people : wait & see.

    • Bl4ck says:

      He got bored doing that, the latest updates are just trial and error, adding things and seeing if they fixed some games or broke them. The only real solution to that problem is implementing the PPSSPP renderer on the vita. That bounty is still open, almost reaching $2000 reward. https://github.com/vita-nuova/bounties/issues/5

  2. OuahOuah says:

    Crash on startup.

  3. Nuclear Snake says:

    About an hour in, the game keeps displaying a GPU driver error then crashes. I tried others games on my Vita and they all work fine. I’m a little bit disappointed since I have been waiting to play the game for years now. I hope this gets fixes soon. Thank you for the port, though.

    • Nuclear Snake says:

      I actually managed to eliminate the problem. All I had to this is go into the game’s pause menu then setting then switch game’s clarity from Meduim (default) to high which makes the game run at native resolution.