PS4: Unofficial 60FPS patches for FF7 Remake, Concrete Genie, Life is Strange, Silent Hills PT, and more by illusion0001


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12 Responses

  1. NakedFaerie says:

    Proof the PS5 isn’t as good as everyone thinks it is. When the PS4 can do pretty much what the PS5 is hyped up to do, its proving $ony are just money hungry and scamming us again.
    They could easily release 60fps/4k Patches for pretty much every game or even a console patch to unlock 60fps/4K for everything but they want to push and sell then PS5 instead.
    Its NOT next gen when the previous gen console can do pretty much the same thing.
    It’s PS4Pro+ if you ask me. Its not worthy of the PS5 label. SO it looks different. I bet you can make a case pretty much like the PS4Pro and fit the PS5 in it easily.
    Same as you could most likely fit a PS4Pro into a PS5 case. So the looks is nothing.
    Ok, so the PS5 has raytracing. Thats the only thing that the PS4 cant do. Its not even next gen, the PC has had raytracing for many MANY years. Its nothing new.
    Its new to consoles… Still years behind the PC.

    I got a PS4 on old firmware. Maybe I hack that and start patching games on that console….
    Great work. Again the hackers win and do something $ony refuse to do.

    • Mmm says:

      Mmmmmm 60fps does not equate to the ps4 and ps5 being equals man. That logic just does not work, this is more of an apples to oranges at this point. Your argument is almost akin to two different cars of different years. The second gen car having double the HP and new tech but since they both go 60mph to you they are the same /scamming you of money. Well that new car could go farther, last longer, loads more efficient, has new technology and so and so fourth. Anyway coming back from the tangent the ps4’s Apu is ages old bulldozer tech man. They are in no way the same. Just go hit up the wiki and compare components it’s not 1 to 1 in anyway or form.

    • Ryan says:

      With this idiotic rambling the same can be applied to the Xbox.

    • OkieDokie says:

      Whilst I agree the PS5 has been underwhelming so far, we are in the middle of a pandemic and so all development of new titles has slowed down dramatically. I wouldn’t say we can really judge it just yet, based on what little there is out for it. That said, optimising previously released titles to make them ‘appear’ to perform better on newer hardware is a cheap trick. Look at TLOU for example, only a few months ago, a modder found a way of shaving loading times down by using adaptive sync during load screens. Then mysteriously, an official update is released that allows the same. It makes you wonder how many more of these optimisations exist that are being pushed in favour of the PS5 rather than the previous gen. It was a trick Apple often employed in it’s updates to make older versions of it’s iPhones appear to be incapable of/struggle with newer features., in an effort to get consumers to buy new iPhones.

    • KyonKyun says:

      You must not have read about the patches. FFVII Remake patch can do 60FPS, but it’s dynamic resolution is limited to 540p to 720p. So not that great.

      • Frejan says:

        Well… FPS is the King. All developers should let user choose between resolution or FPS. Action games such FFVII could be better with 60FPS .

    • moroncomments says:

      Your post is so stupid I don’t know whether to pity you for your lack of intelligence or to judge the stupidity that left your brain.

  2. Post above gave me cancer says:

    You are stupid. The PS5 has a nvme and it suppose to bring us 120fps gaming and possibly 8k to the home.

    If the ps4 can’t even run games at 60fps at 1080p what are you even talking about?

    You sound stupid and clearly knowing how to read doesn’t equate to knowledge and you just regurgitate what others say because you are mad you don’t own a PS5.

    • Comment above gave me cancer says:

      You are also stupid thinking a nvme will help, every console generation they tried reaching 60fps and failed miserably, now they say 120fps, keep dreaming man. keep licking sonys feet.

      • attichris says:

        the comments on this site are glorious! i got an early release of PC2 though, you will not believe how amazing it is!

    • nobitakun says:

      120fps at 4K? your post is the one that is giving cancer…aren’t you the one that is stupid here?