PS5: SMAP bypass vulnerability disclosed


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  2. The White Tyger says:

    Another early adoptive 1.72 firmware exploit as it was for the PS4? Same thing basically, if you had way earlier access to a PS5, time to stop updating and start scalping as normal greed mongers do and jacking the prices of their pre-ordered untouched PS5’s.

  3. spotanjo3 says:

    Our PS5 is on FW 2.30. Yes, can’t wait!

    • trev0115 says:

      Sorry, doesn’t this mean it’s not available? Mine is on FW 2.30 also, but this mentions firmwares above 20.06-02.26.00 (AKA, 2.26) being likely patched. This means we’re probably SOL for this exploit, right?

  4. Dan says:

    That second PS5 I have sitting there new in box is looking like a pretty good investment.

  5. sneed says:

    the hackerone log says it got fixed march 10th

  6. Stupididiot says:

    Won’t matter once the PS5 slim or pro is released.

    If the ps4 is any indication of how the PS5 will be. The storage issue alone makes anyone who buys a PS5 now less than intelligent

    • Grumby says:

      You make absolutely no sense. Why wouldn’t it matter if the PS5 Slim or Pro Is released.
      Literally nobody was talking about the PS5 Slim or Pro….

      Even if those systems came out it wouldn’t affect the future exploit.

      Just sounds like you can’t get your hands on a PS5.
      Isn’t there storage upgrades in the near future.

      • trev0115 says:

        Yes, through the unlocked PCIe slot apparently. Guessing it’ll be for higher firmwares only, but I mean we’ve seen expandable storage techniques for PSP and Vita so I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually it’d also be available through CFW