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Switch: SXOS license hacked


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    • Cecil says:


    • Elliander A Eldridge says:

      I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it’s great that even if their website goes down, even people with a valid license will have a way to activate it. On the other hand, between this news and news of hard mod competition, any chance of getting an update is now gone and for whatever reason the people behind Atmosphere don’t like emuNAND or any other feature of SXOS.

      The people behind SXOS were behind Gateway 3DS and the moment that ceased to be profitable they discontinued support. However, the community NEVER went the emuNAND direction with that console even now

      On the bright side, an SXOS emuNAND with a valid license can be converted into an Atmosphere OS without touching the sysNAND so maybe someone will have independently add in the two features people want most – xci mounting and hard drive loading.

      Otherwise we know exactly what will happen : SXOS team will get back together under a new name, release a new hardware with a new OS, and those of us with sxos will have to buy new hardware to continue to use those features. I know, because that’s what happened after Gateway died. It would be nice if the community can unify.

  1. CoBeHok says:

    Nice, next step is hacking switch without modchip.

    • Ne says:

      Interesting, so you are using a modchip. How is that?

      • Bunicu Gicu says:

        It sucks when it states that an error has occured and it needs to reboot itself.
        Why not make the modchip recreate all the steps you took until that error ?
        For example if a game cannot be mounted for whatever reason and you get the error let the modchip control the button input up to that point in which it crashed.
        Theoretically chances are that the same situation happening again are the same compared to the situation that occurs when you have a broken wi-fi module on your only bought so far switch lite, you decide to buy a normal switch and then Nintendo bans that switch you bought and your account which you have paid money for by buying games long before you installed the modchip on your former console.

    • |Shadow| says:

      next step is deycript the fw so we can steal the code and integrate it into AMOS 😛

  2. anonymous says:

    Nice one

    • Coffin says:

      This is actually great for Tinfoil. You need an SX OS license file on the root of your sd card in order to install NSZs over wifi using NUT, even in Atmosphere.

  3. Dan says:

    Nice work, would be nice if someone reverse engineered the mod chip too for others to replicate.

  4. NakedFaerie says:

    Admins… WHY are you not banning anyone that posts “FIRST” as all they do is fill the forum will bullshoit.
    If I was an admin here I would IP ban ANYONE who posted “FIRST”.
    Do your job. keep the forums clean and the replies on topic.
    Looks like your a huge fan of “FIRST; posts as every post has a few of them.
    Think about it. BAN all the “First” posts and the size of the forums would half.

    When I was an admin of a website I did that…. If you remembered I did take out half the forums as well, but that was due to the sys owner bricking peoples CFW PSPs so I punished him for it. I did it for the people and did I get any thanks? Nope. I got nothing but abuse from other forums. Care factor now is 0. That site is *** since then anyway and now its worse.

    Just sayin.

  5. Gehteuch nixan says:

    Useless. No updates and if you buy a modchip you got the license for free

    • rayida says:

      Not totally useless. You have a point about the updates (though who is to say one won’t appear out of nowhere on the website), but now you can use the SXOS without having to buy a license, a useful feature if you have the older version of the switch and an RCM loader.

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