Classy Wood/Carbon Fiber PS5 Mod by DIYPerks


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11 Responses

  1. fresno says:

    Nice, very nice. Great job.

  2. Neriek says:

    Matt is honestly a pretty great guy and both the channel and community he’s built is just amazing. Definitely check out his Brass PS5 shell if you haven’t already..

  3. Bl4ck says:

    LOL “practically impossible to get a new one”, I can go get a new one right now if I wanted.

  4. Cecil says:

    A couple years ago I came across a post on a buy & sell website, someone selling a highend car (i think it was a red Porsche i cannt remeber) with the centre gps/radio console replaced with a custom made luxury PSP mount.
    I’m sure it must be super cool back in the PSP days 15 years ago, but looking at it now its just an outdated piece of junk, no matter how flashy the custom mount maybe…

    Any amount of custom facelifft work on technology is all just moot point.

  5. Ranelo says:

    Much better design and better looking than the giant atrocity Sony designed

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