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PS4: 7.55 exploit updated to include retry-on-error (should increase stability)


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  1. Bunicu Gicu says:

    Wouldn’t be a script that simply punches that retry button silly easily achievable ?
    How about coding a Raspberry for example that has a bluetooth module and eventually a battery, maybe even a plastic shell with a pirate’s skull on it… that emulates a controller and upon jailbreak disconnects so you can press the controller’s PS button ?
    Way I see it this hardware should be crowned king with this tethered-only-so-far exploit. Until we see keys.
    Idea is : Press the ON button on the hardware, hardware connects to bluetooth, bluetooth initiates communication with the console, telling the PS4 it’s a controller, after 10 seconds scrolls to User’s guide, BANG ! 7.55 Jailbreak ! The script could have multiple tails. Like a second button for a 5.05 PS4 User’s guide entry. Or act itself as a host once you press a third button and it does the magic of going through your settings and changing your DNS. 3g or 4g using a SIM could also be achievable. And also why not maybe in the form of a USB MITM device so you still have 3 ports available on the PRO and the device basically would draw power from the usb and also have a switch in the 192.168.1.X page where you could easily turn on your 3g or 4g SIM’s internet connection. Also bluetooth could be an alternative to having connected that USB’s port data rails to the device. Might come in a cheaper or a deluxe edition. With the deluxe having an extra button in 192.168.1.X page for switching between bluetooth and usb functionality. The trick would be achieving a way of 100% foolproof way of telling the device when to stop. I got you covered on that topic also, don’t worry. A jb payload that cuts the power to the USBs for 10 seconds. And if you have the battery-enabled portable device let it listen to the bluetooth comms around. When you connect the controller ofc the PS4’s bluetooth “Hey, connect to me !” kind of message wouldn’t be broadcasted no more. And that should do the trick.

  2. chelseductive says:

    Hmmm ima try it out lets see hows the success rate… Honestly i skipped the hype of 7.55 jb since Its unstable but just like the rest of the jb im sure it will ripe into its full potential in time and harness the same thing that gives 6.72.

  3. Roman says:

    Please give us updates to see how the stability is going for us users waiting on stability to upgrade. We’d appreciate it! Thanks

  4. Yu says:

    How to make a copy of my PS4 internals if I’m on 5.05 before I upgrade

    • Bunicu Gicu says:

      If you want to downgrade to 5.05 after you have upgraded to any higher ofw you need to make it while you still can – copy the 5.05 files that are currently on the console using a hardware flasher.
      You basically restore them once you’re on the latest firmware, per se if you don’t like the latest firmware. But you should also – while you still can – clone your hdd. It’s way easier than finding a downgrader skilled enough not to kill your ps4… Cause the hardware would be easier to find and cloning HDD even easier. IMHO it would be a great lesson for you. Go 4 it !

  1. May 23, 2021
  2. June 4, 2021

    […] of improvements to the 7.55 Jailbreak since its original release in March. In particular, he has added some retry-on-error code in some critical failure points, in order to improve the overall success rate of the […]