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Switch: Atmosphere 0.19.3 and Hekate 5.5.6 released, bring latest 12.0.2 firmware support


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8 Responses

  1. lollypop says:

    Local PSvita native linux support
    incomming app Xming Xserv Xncsrv
    app for having an Xserver on native psvitalinux plugin
    next to the gentoo port or ubuntu port recovery tar
    with visual x apps

    • ----- says:

      What do you mean? Xming is for Windows and hasn’t been open source since 2007, so a Vita port is unrealistic. Xserv and Xnsrv isn’t a thing.. Unless by Xserv you mean Xserver. A full port of a distro is stupid and a waste of time. Everything else is gibberish to me.

  2. anonymous says:

    So should we update?

    • missedTarger says:

      if there isn’t something you mmediately need from the update, there’s no harm in waiting. haven’t updated mine since the time i needed it for the sword and shield expansions

  3. newkeys says:

    are we needing new keys or are they the same like the jump from 12 to 12.01

  4. lollypop says:

    in the switch atmosphere devhook’ed firm latest …
    develop me a docker linux based on voidlinux and as small as dsl (50mb)
    but with a linux docker desktop and a docker store …
    so i can have any linux on my docker linux ps4 🙂
    btw just wondering becuz psxita linux hdd removal is hard as pain.
    and no keyb makes an install not happening
    then a switch emu via docker store and a atmosphere next to the adrenaline …

  5. Ray56 says:

    Can we do these stuff to new switch revision and lite? Without a modchip of course
    Also Wololo can u present an article about the availability of jailbreak in various switch fw versions and devices?

  6. Neko Neko Chan says:

    i just read and found out this issue lately. Does modding your switch really ban your switch from nintendo? i’ve read that installing cfw, emulators and the likes will banned you from using eshop, system updates, and multiplayer. the ban was also permanent. i was planning to buy Switch v1 unpatched, but when i found this out, im having second thought.