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PS4 8.xx exploit: Sony closed some critical bugs via their bounty platform recently. Can this be good news for PS4 8.00, 8.01, 8.03, 8.50 owners?


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26 Responses

  1. Xtremegamer says:

    Checked my old ps4 when i left it for the pro, still 8.05 🙁

    Oh well i have time to wait

  2. Ray56 says:

    Uhh thanks GOD. I am on 8.00 for about 8 month or more and regret to update from 7.55. I wasn’t aware of homebrew community back then. Really want to test that PSXITA linux distro, maybe use as my daily PC!

  3. sonic44567 says:

    sorry wololo, but many things on this article are not true.
    It’s wrong to say that when a ticket gets closed, that’s it. According to the guidelines, a report MUST get closed before asking for disclosure.You can ask for disclosure ONLY AFTER that the report is closed.That’s because a report is closed only when it’s fixed (indeed this bug is fixed with 8.50).
    Therefore TheFlow’s disclosures are no exceptions.

    The other thing is that Znull already talked about this bug on open orbis discord and he said that it’s not something useful ‘directly’, so he won’t probably disclose it. At least that’s what he said 3 months ago, if he changed his mind idk.

    • wololo says:

      Thanks, that’s some very good points. I’m updating the article to mention your comments.

      • sonic44567 says:

        wow, it’s great that your open to comment suggestion.

        Imho the article should be re-written, because right now it’s a bit misleading.You can also add some details he spilled about it on Discord (not many for obvious reasons). For example he said that the bug regards a file loaded into memory in a kindof secure area. He also said that with a lot of chaining and another kex , theoretically a semi-permanent exploit is achievable.
        But I don’t want to talk for him, maybe you can contact him and try to get an interview with him, like you did with SpecterDev. It would be cool af. Znull is a great guy!

      • RoboFox says:

        Al Azif posted on her Twitter on May 5th that she did the obvious and reached out to znull about this. znull said this it’s not what you think it is, and it wont be disclosed. So that’s something more recent about this… and confirms what was said 3 months ago and Al Azif is pretty dependable, so. You can look on Al Azif’s Twitter for the supporting info.

  4. Dante69 says:

    My PS4 is on 8.03 FW. I’m thinking of not updating it since there might be an exploit for it someday.

  5. targetmisser says:

    lol people want all the cfw but dont want to put in the effort or money to make it happen.

  6. George says:

    I would pay for a cfw. Easily

    • 2poch says:

      majority don’t, which is why bounties get all the submissions

      • David says:

        8.03 kernel exploit is coming, only not even a rumor can be leaked due to Sony’s payment rules

      • 8pcd says:

        not completly true but you aint wrong most of them are uselss or to hard or to messy/slow/whatever for being useful enough. Sony wants them closed so you dont lose info or get ur console bricked by some kids with a strong Exploit. Many of our known hacker are good guys who share so that the scenes can evolve and make more and more stuff.

    • SLANGza says:

      I would pay for a cfw too.

      • Someone1 says:

        Meh, all the assumptions I bet none of you as any single idea about so called “submissions”. I worked with HackerOne and by reviewing reports, NONE of it are updated. Most if not all of the submissions are either old or just outdated general stuffs. A tinker aren’t that wack to just submit new finds just to ruin his fun, even I myself won’t do that just for the sake of easy money which there already other means to get easy money.

  7. Addiel says:

    Go hacker!!!

  8. mrSoczi says:

    TBH I am tired of the current exploits. I would kill to get a stable CFW even on a firmware like 5.XX rather then a 8.XX exploit.

  9. lollypop says:

    on 8.xx the exploit is called netcat-studio …
    u can send any media type for playback …