PSP Release: Despertar Del Cementerio 9.00, with PSP 3000 03g and TA-088v3 compatibility. Bring your PSP back from the dead.


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8 Responses

  1. GooSee says:

    In 2020 me and my cousin bricked our PSP 3004 by accidentally deleting a file named main.something (can’t remember the extension) The PSP stayed on black screen. Then we sold it 🙁

  2. Rising80X says:

    “Despertar Del Cementerio” that brings me back

  3. NateT21 says:

    Too bad every psp I own has a dead battery now

  4. wad11656 says:

    “This will be in particular useful if you are stuck with an “unbrickable” PSP 3000 or 2000 model.”

    I feel like an unbricking tool would be the exact *opposite* of “useful” for an “unbrickable” PSP.

  5. El Vecino says:

    Oh man, this is a blast from the past, darkAlex bless you if you ever see this message, eres un crack!

  6. DTeKDeV says:

    “Despertar del cementerio”

    Man, that word brings back memories. I remember when I looked up the definition. Has the PS Vita master keys been found yet?

  7. kronOSX says:

    when we seeing a psp street ta-097 board being fixed this way