Nintendo’s legal action document against GaryOPA gives additional insight into Team Xecuter’s inner workings


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44 Responses

  1. Jesse says:

    Hopefully the entire DMCA gets thrown tf out.

    • Rabbit says:

      I feel sorry for him, but can’t say it doesn’t give me a smirk after he being such an a-hole to me online.

      • Jesse says:

        That is true, however I have loved a few of their products. Never knew he was that involved with the hardware scene until this arrest other than True Blue.

  2. Ray says:

    Great article. Very informative. Thank you.

  3. Bl4ck says:

    That was a great article. I always enjoy reading about how fu**ed team xecuter is.

    • alex says:

      Yeah, its good to watch how haker values like “freedom to launch” is literaly reveals to be piracy.

      • dialtone says:

        im not as estatic, even tho garyopa an tx were for profit they did good work and got the ball rolling in a few different consoles so that work is gonna be missed

        • alex says:

          It doesn’t matter what they made it for profit and what not.

          What does matter is a judicial precedent declaring console hacking as a felony.

  4. alex says:

    I hope they will look after dolphin, yuzu, vba, desmume and others so-called “freedom emulators”, which happens to be pirate software fore playing unlincesed copies of games without legit hardware.

    • lrefra says:

      Multiple court cases have proven that at least in the United States just possessing or using an emulator is legal. They have a precedent.
      * Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. v. Nintendo of America, Inc.

      • alex says:

        It was a court’s mistake.

        Possible due to old mainframe emulation for buisness lobbysts pulling threads under the curtains.

        Hopefully case against Team Executor will repeal it.

        • SameG says:

          The Business lobbyists for emulators? Please give me a break.

          • alex says:

            Yup, you didn’t know?

            Its a large industry making profits by prolongin life of a multimillion dollar equpent like old cncs, mainframes with expencive buisness software, etc. And their customers have a large wealth so they can lobby such courts so judicial precedent never happens so they can save their billions for unnececary renovation and continue to legaly yse their obsolet but working equipment.

            And that is the real reason why sony lawers did not crush emulation.

        • Jesse says:

          What a complete shill.

        • MuchoMacho says:

          If I write a program that plays yours games, with zero of your code or copyrighted material, then there’s no law being broken. That’s not left for interpretation. There is no law being broken.

          Feel sorry for morons like yourself who get bent over by corporations, and then thank them, and ask for more. Jesus….. what a sad existence.

        • MuchoMacho says:

          Jesus, man. You are a f**king m**on. lol Almost feel bad for you.

        • How does it feel to be as wrong as you are right now in this very moment, multiple times, on this web site?

    • VillagerA says:

      There is nothing illegal about emulation. Unless proprietary code is used to develop the emulator, it is just straight reverse engineering, which is legal.

      Not sure what *** anger you have at emulation, but its unfounded.

    • Sam says:

      They can’t. First these emulators aren’t for profit. Second they use their own code to emulate. So 100% legal.

    • Bobby says:

      Emulators will never be able to be outlawed or banned and quite honestly you are rediculous for hoping that they would be banned and most currently consoles have an OS that is built up from or a remodeled version of software first run in emulation and or “home brew”

      Next point, you are violating absolutely nothing in either developing or using emulation software. Most of it is based on open-source. Roms are the only area that companies like Nintendo can do damnage. And to be honest, rom repos like emu-paradise and such were just lazy. It’s like they didn’t even care to hide anything. However even roms are a gray area because legally, “Nintendo has also said it in their own words” you can play and use ANY rom that you have digital rights to. So if I own a monster Hunter rise on my switch, but I have a patched switch and can’t dump the game to say, Yuzu….. I 100% legally can go to some random site and download a copy of the game instead and run it on Yuzu.

      So maybe do some more research before you just start spouting off

    • crabdad says:

      I do not think that “they made emulator and therefore bad” would hold up in court. Unlike Team Xecuter, none of emus you mention advocate or condone piracy. Piracy is on the user, not the devs. Also I’m pretty sure you’re just as guilty of downloading a romset or two to play on such emulators. You’re here after all.

  5. alex says:

    By the way judicial precedent are made.

    Console hacking IS A FELONY.

    A CRIME.

    Wololo, aren’t you afraid?

    You hacked Sony Playstation Portable.

    You can be on the dock next, you know?

    • VillagerA says:

      This isn’t making console hacking illegal.

      Nintendo isn’t going after Atmosphere, or any of the more legitimate Switch hackers for a reason.

      TX sold piracy software, and much of their software contained proprietary code from Nintendo. That is already just illegal.

      The Switchbrew team have done everything they can to stay legitimate. Its a very different case compared to TX.

    • Paulo Marques says:

      I’m curious, what’s your favorite boot taste? Plain old olive oil?

    • BooleanValuesTurnMeOn says:

      False. Circumventing security with intent to, and following through with, promote piracy for profit is illegal.
      Console hacking is not. The most you get hit with its breach of EULA, which means no support or warranty for you. Any insurance is usually void as well.

      Nice try kiddo, but you know nothing of which you speak about. Console hacking will continue to be legal.

    • alexisavirgin says:

      damn, alex. what a pedantic piece of *** you are.

      people must like you a lot lmao

  6. Nintendont says:

    Yep. Other countries should deny extradition for Conners like these. It’s *** ridiculous.

    • alex says:


      I just don’t understand why are you happy? These Conners fate desides not only TX fate, it desides wenether console hacking will be declared legal deed or crime.

      If I be in your shoes, i’d worried..

  7. MDashK says:

    This @alex guy is such a troll… GTFO of here man….

    Great article, very informative!
    They should trial them in Europe.. .You know, where you BUY stuff and actually OWN IT instead of RENTING it…

    • MuchoMacho says:

      “They should trial them in Europe.. .You know, where you BUY stuff and actually OWN IT instead of RENTING it…”

      Amen to this.

  8. XsTatiC says:

    GaryOPA goes back further than DS. OG Xbox days at least. He had this bonkers setup in Toronto. You just walked into his place and could buy modchips or get your console modded by him. But he also had an on-the-fly piracy disc burn thing going on. He had these terminal computers with databases of all the games he could burn. You’d select which ones you wanted, pay him for it, and right then and there your games were in one of his many towers, burning away. I think it was $5 a pop for an XBOX game. Back when internet was stupid slow, and I was young and poor, I have to admit that I did indeed purchase some. Also brought an Xbox that I was doing a hardmod for for a friend and I messed up my solder which he fixed for like $20.

    I remember him on big hacking/scene forums as well. Can’t for the life of me remember the sites names now. One was the main forum for 360 hacking, especially around the time of the jtag exploit. That forum was awesome at the time for nerdy tech analysis of the 360 and what people were trying.

    Before Maxconsole there were separate sites for separate consoles that he ran as well. hmm… maybe it was just and or something like that. Honestly can’t remember the url names, but he was the main author of all posts. Game release posts and most definitely all mod chip news. Pretty sure somebody else was doing maxconsole before him, but then it all kind of merged, with GaryOPA becoming the main guy. Really foggy memory.

    Anyways, to me it’s just weird that it took as long as it did for him to get charged. He didn’t do a damn thing to cover his tracks. He was everywhere online, stupid easy to locate in Toronto, and it was blatantly obvious that he was neck deep in hacking and piracy.

    He genuinely always seemed like a nice guy.

  9. Nebu187 says:

    Great article. American Kingpin seams very interesting.

  10. lollypop says:

    Your tech agent wololo indickment …

  11. Kalle Anka says:

    Is there any picture of GaryOPA online?

  12. You wanna know says:


  13. cDh says:

    Tough guy nintendo can go all batman over some dudes modding the switch, but they don’t want to fix their damn joycons is my third replacement in less than a year.

  14. MrTee says:

    MaxConsole was a facade site?

    Whoa, talk about karma. I was a member in their forums ages ago, during the PSP heydays. One of the worst experiences ever.

  15. Rob says:

    I wish the courts would stop the Chinese companies from selling these crappy arcade consoles with loaded games. I know the licenses have expired but still you are selling other peoples creation for a profit.

  16. urmumgay says:

    The piracy stuff is ***, and the guy in general is clearly a sleazy piece of ***, but nonetheless, this lawsuit is a *** mess, obviously because Nintendo is at it again with their anti-consumer *** (to be fair, Xecuter’s Switch stuff is also anti-consumer to a degree, but that’s besides the point).

    Obviously he’s getting pinged for the piracy angle, but it’s naive to think that Nintendo isn’t after more. They don’t like hackers whatsoever, even though they can never actually offer features that they should, just like with Sony. *** Nintendo, more than anyone else.