PS Vita release: hbRedirect (KyûHEN homebrew competition entry)


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6 Responses

  1. grubby says:

    Wow nice,
    Does this mean that I can use the PSVSD as uma0 partition and load psvita games directly of the microsd card?

  2. Cecil91 says:

    All path redirect plugins are fine and dandy until one day you decide to clean up the storage, and use the system’s remove feature, but forgot the game was redirected at some point ages ago, and worse you forgot which plugin you used to redirect it, then all heck breaks loose…

  3. Kokami says:

    Thank you for Homebrew! Psvita and Switch have a great collection of plugin, hombrews, but a software like dell power manager has not yet appeared to limit the battery% while playing and charging below 100% , great if this this plugin appears in the future 😀

  4. Maciej says:

    It may be a great idea to port Bioshock to the vita. There is already IOS version of this game that runs great on iphone 5

    • :) says:

      Not sure if porting an iOS game would be possible since they’ve only done ports of android games so far. (iPA is a proprietary format) Also the mobile port of Bioshock is notoriously bad. Or so I’ve heard.