Release: PlayStation Mini Store (PS Vita)

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  1. im 10 says:

    Wait so you really won’t be able to download games after they shut the servers down? I mean you won’t be able to use the redownload “bought” games thing?

    • notBruce says:

      they’re ending purchasing.. until it’s proven otherwise when the time comes, redownloading should still be available

    • Randy Steele says:

      Apparently redownloading purchased/owned items will still be available but purchasing anything new or downloading anything free you haven’t already downloaded won’t be possible.
      Sony is basically begging us to pirate at this point so thanks I guess Sony. This sets a terrible precedent for buying games any modern Sony platform because who’s to say how long those shops will be around? I’m better off getting a hacked ps4 and not paying for anything because it negates any possible risk of the shop being closed down. Thanks for forcing people to pirate Sony.

      • prenup says:

        lmao ps3 is going on 16 years. games already been disappearing on and off the store since then.within that timespan. ps3 piracy is no longer their main concern at this point people have had plenty of time to do whatever by now. dunno why people thought this stuff would last forever. wii shop has been done for years not itself and who knows what microsoft will do.

        • :) says:

          It’s like as soon as they start losing money keeping servers up, they do the thing that’s best for them. I wonder if they’d still keep them up if they made it literally impossible to download from their servers without a psn account.

        • AMTF says:

          Games disappear due to licensing issues as well. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game for example disappeared years ago because the license from the developer ran out and they didn’t renew it

    • David Clark says:

      I think the fact of the matter is everything is going offline soon. You really think sonys gonna let us re-download bought content for years to come?

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