Release: DevilutionX 1.2.0 (Diablo port) for PS Vita, Switch (and other platforms)

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  1. Otávio says:

    Wish they made baldurs gate 1 e 2 port! (also first!)

  2. Number Two says:


  3. George says:

    I wish someone could port heretic 2 (if it’s possible) or croc games or nerf arena blast or blood 2, duke nukem games or trickstyle. These were great games. Vita and switch are the perfect consoles to relive our childhood. These guys are doing a great job for porting all these amazing, I deeply respect them. I’m not being ungrateful

    • nanonomad says:

      Duke nukem 1-3 work great in retroarch dosbox. Heretic 2 might be portable since vitaquake2 exists. Eduke3d works fantastic on vita for duke3d. Also work a look is vitaxash3d for half life. It even supports mods – you literally just copy the directory. I was shocked at how great blue shift was running.

  4. Sorwyn says:

    Coincidence that after adding the DIABDAT.MPQ file to Devilutionx files that exact file size is 666MB?

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