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Switch Firmware 12.0.0 released


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4 Responses

  1. AmD says:


  2. NakedFaerie says:

    First…. yea, first to prove your a dipsh!t. Some people are just brainless turds.

    Firmware 12? wow, I thought this was just a typical stability update.
    I’m waiting for folders or a way to tell which game is on which SD card.
    I have 4 SD cards full and have to keep switching cards. I sometimes delete a game but its on another SD card so I’m having trouble keeping track.
    Folders I can assign games to folders to SD cards. That way everything is in order.
    Or they can set it up so only the games on that SD card show up.
    Either way is good with me. I just want an easier way to what it is now. A huge mess of icons not installed so you click it and it tries to download and moves it to the first in line. I dont want that, I want it to stay where it is but I want it easier to see whats installed on which SD card.
    BTW, 2×512, 1×256, 1×128 sd cards.
    Some games are huge and newer games are getting bigger.

  3. shhh sucks says:

    you are adopted