Confirmed: Sony to close PS3, PS Vita, and PSP online stores this summer


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16 Responses

  1. lucas says:

    First peich

  2. pomo says:

    > Sites such as NoPayStation and PSNDL are apparently still working for the time being. These sites allow to download official game install files directly from Sony’s servers.

    Honestly, this is really spooking me. Logically NPS’d still work? But who knows, really… I don’t like risking it like that lol.
    We need a concerted archival effort of these digital-only games, like the OUYA archival project, preferably starting as soon as possible. There’s no harm in starting early, but if we wait… then there’s risk of a lot of exclusive games pretty much disappearing.

    • A7mag3ddon says:

      Of coursse they still work! The stores havent closed yet lol. Try again at the end of August.

      • pomo says:

        I meant logically NPS’d still work even after the store’s closure, but we don’t know for sure lol

        • notara says:

          unless it uses sony’s servers, i’d expect it still to be up. surprised they haven’t nuked either one of those tbh

          • pomo says:

            Yea, that’s the problem― NPS downloads data from Sony’s servers. Those servers go out, that stuff’s just gone.

        • Noname says:

          Why not just back them up with

  3. A7mag3ddon says:

    Welcome to the digital only world, the price of convenience is that providers can turn off content whenever they like.

  4. CoBeHok says:

    Just in case, we need an NPS torrent edition

  5. Luciano says:

    Toda la culpa de esto la tiene amlo porque él maneja los carteles asesinos

  6. Elizara says:

    Well, hopefully things clear up for me so I can grabby a few PS1 classics that otherwise would be pricy as <> before they are gone. Things have been a little rough the last few months.

  7. Nicolas Warnken says:

    Jim Ryan is taking a lot of unpleasant decisions that are hurting not only the legacy userbase but the legacy of the brand.

    I thought forcing Japanese users to start using X as an accept was just the only backstabbing he was going to commit. I was wrong.

    If I was able to protest in front of SIE headquarters, I would not have any doubt to do so.

  8. MuchoMacho says:

    Sony has already said that people who have bought the games, can continue downloading them. They aren’t nuking the files from existence, they are shutting down the ability to “buy” them.

    I can’t see Sony overhauling all the links to thousands of games for no reason, so, I’d guess NPS will continue to work just fine. These old systems still have to have access to download these files for everyone who already owns them, ofc.

  9. Darkfurygaming says:

    After All of this is done is PKGj we’ll still be operational or will that be shut down soon?

  10. Lobster says:

    Hi, anyway to be able to download retail PKG, seems the old store doesn’t work anymore. Have been trying to have a PKG backup of my retail games.

  11. juliosueiras says:

    NPS will probably still work, since unlike the ticket system in 3ds freeshop, NPS cdn link itself is to the direct pkg link, which is a complete different infrastructure from the webstore