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Hackers might have stumbled upon a new PS4 kexploit, but don’t cheer just yet

8 Responses

  1. Meth says:

    Amazing.. and not even 1st April 🙂

  2. nobody says:

    Great. If it is true then I hope they wont released it until Sony patched it and upate the new FW because if hackers release it then alots of people would troll it likt cheats and etc. I am sure that hackers wont released it to prevent cowardly people like that. Good work, Hackers, if it is true.

  3. bjl says:

    I hope he doesnt submit it, 7.55 is pretty recent, who know when we will get a new exploit

    • evilpaul says:

      As long as he can release whatever he wants after it’s patched I hope he gets $10K for it. The PS4 exploit devs don’t release 0days anyway.

      • Cecily says:

        totally agree w/ u. SpecDev deserves the bounty for his discovery, Just remember to only share his findings after Sony has patched it, and then its win-win for everyone. 🙂

  4. Luziano says:

    With 8.50 coming out soon, it’s an opportunity to exploit the 8.x firmwares.

  5. Joe says:

    Great news. Here’s hoping something is found for the PS5 now…

  6. nick says:

    Well i went on line to see his first 7.50 ps4 exploitation videos and there weren’t there. So i guess he does delete old videos