Rumor: PS3, Vita, and PSP Stores to be permanently closed this year


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  1. Lennyvita says:

    Another reason why physical media is better. With Digital you never truly own the game. I hope Sony offers a solution to past digital customers.

    • gamb says:

      you can lose digital version, break…
      Digital version you can copy

    • Fleacollerindustry says:

      This is why I’ve always considered digital purchases as merely a glorified rental system. Like, I find it easier to spend money on digital items when I think of it like “ok, so I can spent $10 to rent this game for 10-15 years”.

      That said, between spending full price on a digital game or spending the same amount on a physical version, I’ll always choose physical. But if the price for a digital copy of an older game is right and it’s for a game that I can still find elsewhere, then the $10-$20 price tag to basically rent the game for a decade or two is perfectly acceptable to me.

  2. Sh4d0w927 says:

    Physical or digital is almost moot at this point for some games as they are unplayable without patches. Definitely nice for complete editions though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s bad enough that they are trampling our rights by not allowing us to resell digital licenses (first sale doctrine).

    I think there needs to be a law requiring publishers to either continue offering re-downloads of previously purchased games or offer refunds.
    Or at least completely remove any and all DRM.

  4. MuchoMacho says:

    If you bought digital and have any desire to retain and replay PS3 games? You got what you deserved. Well, you actually deserved worse, but, you still got what you had coming.

  5. golephish says:

    About time! Time to move on.

  6. Lord says:

    Just another shame on Sony, nothing new..

  7. VitaMan says:

    Can we still use the PKGJ if the ps vita store close?

  8. k3nn says:

    I’ve foreseen this to be a problem yearsago ever since i bought my 1st digital game : harmony of despair (because it isn’t available on physical disc). Now it’s become a reality. If the HDD on my PS3 crashes and the PS3 store is gone, how do get my games back?

    • opssemnik says:

      Its worth checking what has happened to the PSP since its store has already been closed off
      unfortunately mine has always been jailbroken

  9. cyberangel22k says:

    does this mean no paystation will be affected?

  10. Cyburst says:

    this is a major issue sony and nintendo have, I will say microsoft has been alot better with it. but any digital console needs to be hacked for this reason, the removal of games and purchases goes against game preservation

  11. GooSee says:

    PS Vita is still an 8th generation console. They must close it along with PS4. That’s a VERY WRONG move.

    • Fleacollerindustry says:

      Yeah but the Vita is an effectively dead platform rife with hacked consoles used to pirate games (or so Sony believes)… so it’s probably just so Sony doesn’t have to spend anymore time and resources on a dead console when they’re ready to move on. I dont agree with them, but that’s prolly what they think.

  1. March 31, 2021

    […] now, everyone who owns a PSN account has received the official email from Sony confirming the rumor: the PS3, PS Vita, and PSP stores are closing. (Full notification […]

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