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Is a PS4 8.03 Jailbreak possible soon?


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13 Responses

  1. yoruke says:

    Ah ***, here we go again.

    Six years past. I waiting kex for my console version. I think it will come in 2345.

    When I update my console few months later kex is publish. Interesting.

  2. njigga says:

    There’s no point to this article

  3. SomeDude says:

    What about 8.00? I’ve heard mixed things. Some say the previous exploit works on 8.00, some day it doesn’t.

  4. Ra-D-OH-3H says:

    we need SAMU keys.

  5. chrool says:

    no more JB untill horizon 2 gets released.

  6. SLANGza says:

    8.00 was here before 8.03 and potentially be exploited first. It had a few bugs, maybe a loophole or something can be found through that?

  7. jerry says:

    All this article had to say was Do NOT UPDATE your console If you want a future jailbreal….lol

  8. myd00m says:

    eventually it will be jailbroken at the latest firmware just like ps3 it’s just a matter of time