PS4 Release: Mira backport to 7.50, by LightningMods

11 Responses

  1. god says:

    i bless you

  2. Juan says:

    Is it worth to 7.51?

  3. Lee D says:

    Is it worth staying on 7.02?

  4. philosoraptor says:

    Is it a back port if it’s going from an older version to a newer one? Wouldn’t it just be a port?
    Just wondering.

    • FLRIZDARKK says:

      it is a backport cuz it was ported from 7.55 to 7.50/7.51. 7.55 is the newer version, 7.50 is older so its a backport

  5. golephish says:

    Great news!

  6. Jax says:

    Is downgrade possible from 8.03?

  7. 800 says:

    what happened to 8.00 ??
    I heard ipv6 exploit also works on 8.00

    • Bio says:

      Yes ive been wondering about this as well? i saw in an article on this very site that said “key ps4 community scene members state it works” or something long those lines. Link to the article will be here

      article said it needs to be confirmed.