Release: Mira (Custom firmware) for PS4 7.55 (+ updated jailbreak)


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24 Responses

  1. Jailbreak says:

    Outstanding. Is there a guide on how to host locally anywhere?

    • BloodMarth says:


    • diy says:

      Have you tried googling?

      • Jailbreak says:

        Have tried, but can’t figure it out. I might just have to wait for one of the sites to host it and then cache it,

        • kyouma says:

          The jailbreak zip contains an HTML page with associated JavaScripts.
          I think you can use any HTTP Server (Nginx on Ubuntu Desktop is maybe the easiest way) and replace it’s index.html with the one in the zip (+ everything else in the zip).
          at this point open PS4 browser and open http://{your pc’s IP}.
          the payload zip contains 2 elfs. one named loader so I guess you send the loader first and then the other.
          but I don’t know the netcat command to send a payload.
          On Linux MIGHT (not sure) use
          “cat payload.elf | nc host port”
          Can someone please confirm?

        • HallinbircH says:

          look up XAMPP and put the contents of the archive in htdocs folder after clearing that folder or if you are on linux lookup darkhttpd it doesnt get much more simple then good old darkhttpd

  2. Firebuble says:

    Wait a minute… it is not a custom firmware, its a hen

  3. Ret says:

    wow! finally~! thanks to the people for their hard work. and also thanks wololo for writing article for updating news. Good jobs! I came everyday to follow up the news.

  4. Anon says:


  5. Annono says:

    Why is it in theory no need to update if you’re on 7.50? Aren’t there any games which require 7.55?

  6. Blck says:

    It works on 7.50 and 7.51 then games that requires 7.55 How do we do? The best thing is to manually update around 7.55 to be quiet, you can make us a tuto quickly explaining how to inject the jailbreak in the PS4 please?

  7. PSM 2410 says:

    I hope this will be compatible with the 8.00 version, one day ^^

  8. oki says:

    Is it compatible with 8.00?

  9. Trunks says:

    Where can I get the FW update to 7.55?
    Im on 7.51.

  10. Trunks says:

    Got no luck on google, so good job Ichijoe for not helping at all and be so arrogant.
    Discord helped me, so thx to those boys.

    • First Degree Hurr Durr says:

      They’re not being arrogant. It’s your, and other peoples laziness that antagonises them. You’re on the internet and you have Google at your disposal. That’s all you need. Search for things and stop being lazy.

      • Darrow Nemecek-Gulack says:

        He literally just said he had no luck on Google. If you dont want to help you can simply not help without giving people attitude. He not only tried Google but went out of his way to find help on Discord. If anyone is the epitome of lazy, it’s you for spewing such unhelpful trash in the comments. If you somehow feel antagonized by people asking simple questions, then you are the one with the issue.

  11. a7mag3ddon says:

    This hack is so unstable, doesnt work 10 times out of 15 goes, when it doesn 3 out 5 times it kills the PS4 and system has to do a DB check and scan the drive.

  12. Oh no I spilled the milk says:

    Would this work on a 6.00 console?

  13. says:

    is the jailbreak hosted online for direct use on ps4 ? without locally hosting it I mean

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