PS4: Sleirsgoevy releases 7.50 Jailbreak. 7.55 a possibility but “no promise”


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13 Responses

  1. First says:


  2. Potato says:

    Hope is also working on 7.51. I am on 7.51 and didn’t update to 7.55 because I am waiting for the 7.55 jailbreak to be released.

  3. slangza says:

    And an exploit for 8.00 even further away 🙁 FML for accidently updating last year to 8.00.

  4. Blck says:

    It work in 7.51 ?

  5. D3mon says:

    Can you play online with these jailbreaks?

  6. Duffy89PL says:

    What about 8.03? Long waiting?

  7. ousiek says:

    how to config it to esp8266??? is it possible?

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