PS5: Denuvo Anti-Cheat now part of tools available to game developers


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4 Responses

  1. Specialist says:

    Now that the console are faster with SSD’s, they want to bloat them with unnecessary bloat. Considering the unexistance of jailbreaking methods for the PS5, this is purely a marketing stunt.

    • Antonio says:

      Not quite. There are save editors for PS4 and PS5. Hence why denuvo is calling it anti tampering, its to protect against these tampers

      • Andrew says:

        It protects against memory editing, not save editing. The difference is changing a save file is basically an offline method of cheating, where as editing memory while the game is running is the ‘online’ method.

        • opssemnik says:

          No. We dont need to speculate, Denuvo protected games in PS4 only had for save tampering. Memory editing requires hacked console. (unsigned code)
          And hacked PS4s can run unmodified denuvo protected game dumps out-of-the-box, as -is