Wii U gets a firmware update, almost 3 years after the previous one


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10 Responses

  1. NakedFaerie says:

    AND WHY?
    Didn’t they kill it off many years ago?
    Same as $ony updating the PS3 and Vita, 2 consoles they dont care about but keep sc*** with the people who are keeping those consoles alive.

    The WiiU doesn’t need an update for anything. The eshop is still open but never updated, there are no new games for it, maybe its coz they are about to kill Netflix on the WiiU and this is the update to kill it off completely.

  2. NakedFaerie says:

    I updated and everything still works fine.
    Cant see anything changed. The stupid miithingy is still there even that they cancelled it years ago its still showing up.

    • Nubbsy says:

      does homebrew launcher still work

      • NakedFaerie says:

        do you know the meaning of the word “everything”?

        • Goku72 says:

          They are just double checking, you could have just said “yes”. Thanks for confirming and letting us know.

        • Randolf says:

          Colloquially, the meaning of “everything” is relative to the imagination and motivation of the speaker and listener, which might not be identical. Thus, your statement “everything” you could think of and cared enough to test works is not guaranteed include “everything” they can think of and care about. The question, if clumsily worded, may therefore be legitimate and serves to clarify this, especially if they do not know you, your way of thinking, your use of the device in question, your diligence in testing, etc. and can therefore not infer a reasonable approximation of what “everything” means to you.

    • Zeke says:

      Miiverse is still there because why waste time and effort removing it? It’s a core part of the UI so removing it requires paying people to do it. Better to just set it into “offline” mode and not worry about which is what they’ve done of course.

  3. Ferris1000 says:

    Hmm…let me guess. Brick code is now updated to brick the Console with all games? ROFL

  4. Anan says:

    someone in Thailand might laugh at it.