A Fresh Coat of (Lead) Paint: The Ups and Downs of Remakes


He's gotten his hands on every console from Atari to Xbox, and he's cracked open every single one of them. He's Tenshishi, a name which is either a brilliant example of the flexibility of the Japanese language, or just a bad alliteration of the name of his favorite band... We'd like to think that it's both. When he's not busting open old consoles, the wild Tenshishi enjoys reading and writing, drawing cartoons, and consuming media in the most convoluted ways possible.

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  1. EinOwl says:

    Pokemon for me is the most deceiving game of all games. Because you know what? They say, “Catch them all!” but in reality you CANNOT catch them all without transferring from other games. What the …..!?? I love Pokemon games, but I also hate them.

    • Tenshishi says:

      Yeah… They’ve also had the whole “version-exclusive” thing since they began, which was kind of weird. DragonWarrior Monsters 2 also had two versions, but you could still get all the monsters in one game, it was just easier to get some in one version than another… Meanwhile, Pokémon forces you to choose between Vulpix and Growlithe? Why not both? I still really like the first four generations, but it’s a pretty annoying move to be sure… Of course, with the latest versions, requiring things like extra DLC and transferring to and from a paid service (PokéBank and Home) to get MOST of the Pokémon into one game is pretty much as anti-consumer as you can get, and yet they still have the happiest and most loyal fanbase on the planet. Go figure, huh?

    • H3r0 says:

      Exactly, that’s the reason why I play so much Hacks…
      F**k this company

  2. Raulin86 says:

    Call me lazy but i did not want to read the whole thread i kinda read 80% of all of it, but yeah i do agree with most of what you say, i think that some games will make you buy the remake base on what you felt on those years in the past, but also we may not feel the same now that we grow old.

    I love/hate them too but i will keep playing all the new ones tho.

  3. k3nn says:

    i took a splurge and bought Orange Box for the PS3 (collection/remakes/port of half-life,team fortress,etc) from Valve. Well the port of half-life was ok (still the same) but the value for me was the game “Portal” and it just made sense that Portal alone wouldn’t be $60, so I guess Valve figured: let’s pack in some other games as well.

    • Tenshishi says:

      Yeah, that was back in the days before Steam started to really kick off, and you could buy a boxed copy of TF2 at Best Buy… Feels like forever ago, but it wasn’t so long, really. Fun fact, that collection is currently the only way to play the vanilla TF2 experience – the PC version is crammed with cosmetics, guns and maps now, so if you want to play it the way it was launched, before all the smoke and mirrors, that’s your only option. Servers are still going, if I remember right!

    • Tenshishi says:

      Also, I don’t know where that “wow” came from… I smell espionage.

  4. dredre says:

    I gotta say, these articles are always so well written. Refreshing after coming across so many sites with copy and paste tech articles.

  5. Kei says:

    For me, I grew up in a poor family and I’d get one, maybe two games a year. I pirated the rest. The remakes and ports, aside from nostalgia factor, also allows me to truly own the games and pay for my past sins XD

    • Tenshishi says:

      Finally you can repay the companies that gave you so much joy as a kid… Except Nintendo. Don’t repay Nintendo, keep pirating them.

  6. Brigitte says:

    You are a great writer!

  7. Rambler5000 says:

    Normally everyone bashes wololo writers and I’m not saying this one is bad it’s a breath of fresh air. But clearly you can feel the heavy influence on your writing and your love for pokemon diamond. I have to agree and disagree with you for a few reasons and the biggest being your section about straight ports.

    Granted you go into details later with dark souls remastered which makes me question your original point but as someone who is so influenced by the original game I don’t see why you are so upset at all possibilities

    Meaning if you love the first game so much what will make the straight port bad? I think a larger point of contention is the fact that game freak is not doing the game themselves.

    At this point I’m just rambling bah

    • Tenshishi says:

      Straight ports are bad because a lot of them are very proud of themselves for bringing the older game to modern systems so they can try them out, despite the title being easily emulated and improved by the community for years; for example, Earthbound Zero (it’s Zero, not Beginnings, I don’t care what Nintendo says) and Collection of Mana (wherein all three included titles have fan translations and improvements available). It’s like buying a copy of Moby *** today – the money doesn’t go to Herman Melville, it goes to Penguin or whoever the reprinter is, so there’s no shame in just grabbing a PDF.
      As for remasters, they tend to be the best version to play for newcomers – if you’re gonna start Dark Souls 1 today, I’d recommend Remastered over any other version since it runs well… It’s just disappointing that they changed so little upon a revisit when SOTFS improved DS2 so much; especially since DS1’s endgame really, REALLY needed a little polishing.