PS5 shortage could continue until 2022


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13 Responses

  1. Hussain says:

    its just a strategy to keep the price high

  2. Luk says:

    That’s awful


  3. Teketeke says:

    Eh, the frenzied demand for PS5 is falling off sharply though, so, it won’t be bad for much longer, in terms of PS5. Most of these worthless bags of meat have been trying to sell them for like $30-$40 over MSRP these days on local ads. They’re getting harder to make a buck off of.

  4. Mistafapx says:

    Well in my country you can find a ps5 easily however the lowest price is 830$ which is too much

  5. Raymond says:

    My answer is no because this isn’t going to crash even if I did. And because I am not wasting anyone’s 300 dollars it’s $500 or $800 for that system. So like I said before and I said again PS5 pro I will get in 2023. So you guys better do the same thing I’m doing cuz if you buy it and it breaks down don’t come crying to me the only computer engineer who knows stuff.

  6. love6502 says:

    my strategy is to be patient, when a new console appears it is known to have technical defects, only after the second revision appears it is wise to buy a ps5 console, and better and cheaper, until then we play on ps4 until the smoke comes out of them, BE WISE, and don’t buy at ps5 overpriced without a guarantee from sharks

  7. Scalper says:

    nice. More time for me to sell with profit.

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