Heads up: Horizon Forbidden West available for Preorder on Amazon: PS5 - PS4 (affiliate link)

PS Vita release: MiniVitaTV beta 5 by TheFloW (lets you connect up to 4 DS3/DS4 controllers to PS Vita)


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11 Responses

  1. seanp2500 says:

    he did it. He made my wacky vita dream come true. I never told anyone. But I wanted just this at one time. I bow.

  2. HondaCivic says:

    The absolute madman, I can’t wait to play Marvel Vs Capcom 3 using my DS4, great news!

    • Lennyvita says:

      its too bad that MVC 3 was only single player on one screen. awesome game, a big oversight on Sony. its the Flow and other developers bringing features to the Vita that should have been there from the start. Awesome work all the same.

  3. Random_Guy says:

    Now I have to look for a PS4-Vita controller holder. Will make remote play so much better on the Vita for me if the design is sleek enough without creating too much weight.

  4. HE1NZ says:

    I wish there was also a hack to output the video to TV. It’s too late to look for Vita TV.

    • IonBlade says:

      That’s existed for a while, and is exactly what the use case for this plugin is.

      Install the Vita UVC plugin on your Vita (https://github.com/xerpi/vita-udcd-uvc), then when you connect it to a PC / Mac / Raspberry Pi over PC, it will present itself as a webcam device.

      Then, to make things simple plug-and-play, you can setup a Raspberry Pi (I use a 3B, but see the page – many models are supported) with VitaDock Plus (https://github.com/SilentNightx/VitaDockPlus).

      Plug the Pi into your TV, and plug the Vita into USB on the Pi. It should come right up on the screen. Go into Bluetooth settings on the Vita and pair it to the Pi for the Pi to get the audio through the Pi.

      When it’s all done, and you have the MiniVitaTV plugin installed as well, you end up with something that works just like a Switch. Unplugged, works just like a Vita. Plug it into the Pi, and it transfers right over to the TV and you can play with a DS4.

      • Duke says:

        What abiut keeping the vita charged

        • IonBlade says:

          The instructions for the UVC plugin say to turn off USB charging, but you only have to do that if you’re planning to use the audio out port with a 3.5mm cable to get audio in. With the various Vitadock solutions, you can use Bluetooth to the Pi for audio instead, at which point you can keep USB charging on, and the Vita will trickle charge while being used. Depending on the game, it will still discharge slowly, but not as much as if it was off power entirely, and it will charge back up when you turn the Vita off.

    • Klaus says:

      If you have any kind of sbc or an old legacy laptop lying around you may want to give udcd_uvc (or something like that) a shot. I am using it on an Linux tv box and it is great

  5. tribolin says:

    is it possible to play two-player games with only one controller connected? player 1 using the vita’s buttons, player 2 using a ds4/3. I have been trying without success.

  6. b weight says:

    why not just get the psvita tv box thing? Four people huddled around a ps vita seems a bit dangerous while playing SFV…