How Nintendo stopped Switch hacking in its tracks


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10 Responses

  1. utskiewaratski says:

    theres a talk at gb@temp regarding sam21 and rcmx86 same way these sxc0res are doing… u guys better check it out since might become an alternative to sxc0re/lite but am not so sure… it was like a diy modchip… i am just waiting as i believe that it is inevitable for a new exploit or clones coming out…

    • CompSciOrBust says:

      Samd21 and rcmx86 are just payload injectors for unpatched consoles. They physically lack the hardware required to be able to voltage glitch the cpu.

  2. egzek says:

    Got my old Switch hacked years ago and hacked my Lite the moment I heard about the TE arrests. It cost me some extra cash back in late 2020 but seeing what is now it was a great investment.

  3. snil says:

    Just like the 3ds and the Wii u, we already have an entry point to the system so till we have a software exploit is only a matter of time.

  4. Anonyshitter says:

    So far people have only been able to modify Team Xecuters work and not produce *** themselves. Funny how Atmosphere fuckboys were relentlessly shitting on the SX modchip and Team Xecuter, and now the Switch scene has slowed down to a crawl without them…

  5. commentor says:

    Thank you for the wholesome update on that matter, @wololo 🙂

  6. Facts says:

    I’m thinking of jumping ship on SX OS. I think Xecuter are finished in ways of keeping this thing alive, as the remaining members are probably weary of the FBI monitoring releases. Meanwhile Atmos is working on the newest firmware revision and seems to be better supported. Still, it was nice while it lasted.

  7. Alpha says:

    Wow, I haven’t visited in a while and the quality in these blog posts has truly evolved over the years, thanks for keeping us informed with quality and concise posts! I’ve been a huge fan since I got into the PSP scene as a kid and I’m so glad to see this site flourishing, keep up the great work!

  8. Jimmy says:

    To think I used to believe getting a 2nd OG Switch was a mistake when the newer models came out for longer battery life.
    So glad I have 2 OG switch 1 for sxos the 2nd for Atmosphere/Online Play. The sxos maybe dead, but im still in a good position b/c I have options.
    Unfortunately only new games can be played on Atmo, but honestly I only care for jrpg’s which majority of them can be played on PC anyway.

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