PS4 How to: repair/replace Dualshock 4 Rumble motor


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3 Responses

  1. ololow says:

    Uh… I guess some content is better than none? Nothing wrong with the post itself, it’s just that hardware mods/repairs don’t make me think of wololo so it’s a bit odd to see. Glad you could get the fix done, most are actually much easier than people think! Some advice for people new to hardware repairs: Don’t be afraid of breaking something that’s already broken, dig into it and you’ll get to learn a ton of valuable new stuff.

  2. helloworld says:

    I dont used the rumble. Its annoying and I hate vibrate in my hands while playing the games. I disabled it.

  3. Charles Fasano says:

    What is sc***? I assume that the site’s filters are incorrectly filtering a word out.