PS4 Release: Trophy Unlocker beta

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  1. Please make ethical use of this tool if you are a serious PSN user (e.g. server-dependent trophies that are unobtainable due to server closures). Trophies and reputation is the most enjoyable experience of the PlayStation Network.
    We already have a bloat of hishonest gamers at Google Play Games, just to name an example, who inject unreal score data to the leaderboards.
    Besides, Sony may take further action 🙁

  2. TehCupcakes says:

    Why would anyone use this? Besides the fact you didn’t achieve it so you’re a liar… Having trophies doesn’t mean anything if you can’t brag about it by showing it off. And you can’t really show off your trophies when Sony is bound to ban accounts for such obvious hacks.

    • fromzero says:

      I can’t say for certain but some trophy unlocks may also unlock content for the person. Some of which may require online play to unlock?

    • omar elbabouji says:

      Tbh i need this for dumb online trophies that is just there so u can’t get the plat without ps plus and in my case it’s a jaillbroken ps4 🙂

      • Bill Gates says:

        What’s the point? You can’t go online anyway. This is ***.

        • AdamSwine says:

          why can’t you go online?

          i use my main account for my hacked PS Vita, PS4 and PS3 all the time. no problem.

          the biggest thing to note when using this tool, is whether or not you actually own the game. if the game license isn’t validated with your account, then activating trophies, or even legit earning those trophies, will set a flag on your account. now, that will get you banned.

          on the other hand… so long as you own a legit copy of the game, using this tool to activate trophies on your account is perfectly fine.

          as a precautionary, i would ensure the online service sees on your account that you have loaded up the legit copy of your game at least once. that is, just for good measure.

          the file/installation data itself doesn’t have to be legit. again, as long as your account itself has seen the legit copy of the game at least once. and, again, i would ensure the online service has also seen it at least once.

          Sony isn’t going to ban an account for having trophies to a game they legit own. and unless someone performs a manual investigation, they will never discern that you have trophies that are now impossible to acquire.

          WITH THAT BEING SAID… it is possible for someone to report your account. people have been banned from having trophies on their account that are clearly acquired through cheating. like getting a level 100 trophy mere minutes after first starting the game. of course, you can always set your trophy data to private.

    • Maav says:

      Well, it’s opensource and you can use it as an inspiration for a delayed trophy unlocker that would be way less obvious…

    • Jimmy says:

      The same ppl who pirate and cheat in games…. crying about it isn’t going to make them stop sadly. Just let them get banned right after their 5mins of fame.

  3. SilicaAndPina says:

    whats the point if you cant connect to PSN on a hacked ps4?

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