Android 10 released for hacked Nintendo Switch consoles – Based on LineageOS 17.1, supports better deep sleep and Android TV


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6 Responses

  1. Macrey says:

    Hi ! Thanks for the news, but I don’t think you need a spare SD Card. With Hetake, you can easily partiton your card and install both Atmosphere and Android. 🙂

    And saldy the Shield games are broke in this update. So no Portal or Half-Life 2 for now 🙁

  2. SudoGang says:

    My £300 console unofficially gets more android support than my £900 phone officially

  3. mar2ck says:

    A spare sd card isnt neccessary because hekate has an android installer which installs it alongside you existing partitions. No need for flashing sd cards nowadays

  4. Smoker1 says:

    Which GApps are Needed????????
    I know ARM64, and Pico. But which Version? When first Clicked on, it showed 7.1. But since Android 10, should it be that one?????

    • FDL says:

      Yeah it should be ARM64, Android 10, pico (or whatever set of apps that you want other than pico).