PS5 Firmware 2.50 – Should you update?


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  1. Nice article as always Wololo, thanks for keeping us all up to date on the developments as they unfold, as well as, sharing a little tip to think about.

    • spok says:

      yup but buying PS5 now just for possible jaiblreak is absolute waste – even if there will be JB for this low FW there is nothing to play with offline anyway…

  2. halte says:

    ps4 7.55 jailbreak comes this weekend

  3. Adri says:

    I have a question.
    Regarding having a second console on the shelf, stored and ready for when the exploit comes out.
    Will it make any difference if its with Blu day or digital edition?

    Thank you

  4. Kpfr says:

    Do we know, what FW is on the first wave PS5’s shipped in Europe on 17th November?
    I got two, one for playing, one for preversation, but I missed looking it up once I unboxed and installed the one for playing.

    • Yo says:

      Probably doesn’t matter if you aren’t on the very first firmware.

      The PS4 was first hacked on 1.76, and the PS3 was 3.55.

      It’s best to be on the earliest you can to give yourself the best chance, but it’s rarely the stock firmware that gets hacked.

  5. cyberpunk 2078 says:

    I dont have ps5 or xsx

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