Max Payne ported to the PSVita thanks to TheFlow and fgsfdsfgs – Also based on the Android port & can be downloaded!


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11 Responses

  1. ahmed osama says:

    The game is running quite well (not for speed) if you set the settings to default, and reduce the texture quality 1 time it doesn’t drop below 30 fps except when you are using the sniper rifle

  2. Vinnie Gignitti says:

    Whack him

  3. EinOwl says:

    Hope that someone port Galaxy on Fire 2 or at least 1

  4. Oeli says:

    I would love to see a Dragon Quest 8 port!

  5. yeahh says:


  6. Leonardus says:

    That would be great. Galaxy on Fire 2 on Android is one of the best space games among all games ever released in this genre

  7. Teleus says:

    Please, please, please do Jade Empire next!

  8. Table Talk says:

    For my point, I’ll put this on

    The developers are fans of the console like you and me.

    More support and assistance to these volunteers , not requests and status reports.

    They know what their port performance looks like before they show it public.

    On another note, please understand there are not enough developers in the community to take quick multiple port requests of games that use different engines.

    So please be supportive, and let’s try to not take advantage.

  9. GooSee says:

    Please port Geometry Dash. (I know PSP had The Impossible Game but this is a bit different)
    Also, if you can port Bully and NFS Most Wanted 2005 that’ll be AWESOME!

  10. Typap says:

    VERY VERY VERY Thank you developer for this game

  11. D@RK0N3! says:

    Please port the android version of am2r, that would probably make it completely playable on the vita FINALY, without crashing, and the latest patch version at that…
    One can only dream…