PSVita: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas port seeing significant progress – latest builds are free of graphical glitches and performance is getting better!


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  1. Japapa says:

    Very excited to hear that. Truly appreciate on the dedication and hard work!!!!!!!

  2. Joe G says:

    Been following this one closely. But there are no shadows, you know. It makes the game look so weird. I hope they manage to bring them somehow in final version.

  3. ivo2376 says:

    openra + openra-ra2 + open-openra2 + openra-dune + openra-tiberium
    must be gdi nod attack !!!!
    and renegade ofc
    the final collection ?
    or the ultimate collection ?

  4. Mgplayer says:

    Tanx flow wolololololoooooo lololo lololo wol wol lololo
    Wololo. Flow

  5. Dmaskell92 says:


  6. bruh says:

    im still hoping someone manage to port full functional android on psvita

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