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PS4 7.55 kexploit: Sleirsgoevy, SpecterDev making progress on implementation


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12 Responses

  1. Miguel says:

    Nice work guys!!!

  2. Dante says:

    Thinking about going ahead and just updating my PS4 to 7.51 now.
    Been wanting to play TLOU2 for the longest.

  3. Apofis says:


  4. anangisknie says:

    cant wait

  5. Wikidexz says:

    I was watching that stream, they did a great job tho still a lot to do

  6. Anito9999 says:

    If only the *** left him alone would not have left the scene and this would have been disclosed already with all needed details included but sadly some people are just too stupid sometimes and now other hackers are gonna have to rely on limited info and are pretty much close to working on it from scratch.

  7. Ben Vasquez says:

    I cant wait

  8. Naxil says:

    Wait for 8.03 hack

  9. wadee says:

    cant wait

  10. Redmen says:

    but the implementation it is on kernel 5.05 not yet 7.55

  11. hunde says:

    I need the exploit

  12. Francky Vincent says:

    It would be cool, but i think i did a panda in my pants…