PS4: Hacker TheFlow discloses Kernel exploit for firmware 7.55


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36 Responses

  1. fresno says:

    Good news. Thank you “wololo”.

  2. seanp2500 says:

    i nearly fainted

  3. SawS7ven says:

    que bueno,al fin algo para los q tienen 7.55

  4. Bunicu Gicu says:

    It’s started ! A new year for me ! Really ! A good start of the year that comes with a fresh start for my 7.55 CE – 35888 – 2 console… You feel me, right ?

  5. Mgplayer says:

    Tank wololo

  6. Cerdeira says:

    Finally I’ll put my 7.50 to good use.


  7. SiliconExarch says:

    It turns out that my plasma TV breaking half way through last year wasn’t so bad after all, because I haven’t turned my PS4 Pro on since so it’s bound to be below 7.55!

  8. Rean95 says:

    Thought TheFlow was done with releasing public exploit for ps4

    • MrHappy says:

      He disclosed it on Sony’s bounty platform. It will probably trickle down to end-users on older firmware, but he’s not exactly releasing it for us. I applaud him for profiting off his skills, and disclosing exploits for Sony could land him a comfy security job some day.

  9. mochalicious says:

    if mine is on 7.50, how would i update it to 7.55?

  10. Yenboy says:

    Thank to the flow ps4 is getting exciting towward the end of the console life

  11. the_bug says:

    Definitely good news, i just purchased a second hand fat ps4 at a pawn shop and it has 7.51 fw, now to wait. 🙂

  12. Michael Henkemeier says:

    I try to find a site to Download the 7.51 but, nothing. Somebody can help ?

  13. Nodge says:

    I only want the PS4 hack to use dlc for my original Street Fighter V game because it tries to force me to be signed on to use in game currency in the first place and that makes me angry because I would have to update to the latest firmware. I think it’s a dirty rotten trick. I’m also interested in emulators. I have a legal right to backup my games.

  14. the line of static says:

    good work guys

  15. Jackie Chan says:

    *Me still on 5.05* : Can’t wait for the updated backport tools

  1. January 14, 2021

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  2. January 21, 2021

    […] few days ago, hacker TheFlow disclosed a PS4 Kernel exploit, for PS4 firmware 7.55. The disclosure however did not contain any proof of concept files, so the hacking scene has to […]

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