PlayStation 4 Release: PS4 Patch Installer released letting you downgrade/upgrade games on your console without being signed into PSN


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  1. silent majority says:

    Ah just make it work across the board, its useful

  2. bilibili says:

    Just to be clear. So if a backup game was installed via fpkg, and later I update the game via this Patch Installer, then the game would not work anymore, correct?

  3. Jack says:

    So, it can’t downgrade games down to 6.72?

  4. Tyrone says:

    Just to let anyone on 7.02 know, the dev has stated that it currently doesn’t work as Mira has a problem. This should be fixed at some point soon, but for now you’ll just get a blank screen.

  5. William says:

    This currently doesn’t work on 7.02 due to an issue with Mira, but the dev has said it should be working soon.

    Kinda sucks that it only works with retail games, but I’m sure someone will find a way around it.

  6. Michael Henkemeier says:

    Hi. i have 6.72 on my. I try HEN , MIRA and MIRA experimentel. With HEN come the error message that i need MIRA.
    After a reboot i try MIRA and, a black screen… i after 5 minutes, nothing. But i can go back , without a reboot.
    I try the other Mira, same thing. What i make wrong ?

    • umutpasha says:

      Program just sees on your internal harddrive games .Copy the game on your internal drive and you will see the prgram is working.
      Bye the waythanks all homebrew developers.

      • umutpasha says:

        and i am on 6.72 too

        • Michael Henkemeier says:

          But i have the original version of Witcher 3 Wild Hund German Edition. End of course some games on it. And i use an external USB Hard Drive or/and stick. But later , only from the hard drive from the PS4 Pro. So… no need to copy.

  7. Solarus says:

    I have the same problem

    • Michael Henkemeier says:

      Maybe for the moment it´s better to wait for a newer version.@William saiy it doesn´t work on 7.02 maybe the same at 6.72. Only for 5.05 ? I have a second PlayStation, this day´s i update to 5.05… and i try it.

  8. Anito9999 says:

    I honestly just wish they just release a version of nopaystation for the PS4 instead where updated and backport patches as also hosted so that those that are still on 5.05 can get the newer games without the need to update to a buggy and less stable exploit.

    • Dave says:

      Pay someone to spend the time making it. Problem solved. I estimate the total price for the man hours to achieve that at $1500.

  9. Solarus says:

    I managed to download the update but the error to install the update are official and not Fpkg?

  10. HansWurst says:

    I used FW 6.72 with darkmodder´s webpage and New Explot with Mira or UnOfficial Mira = Balckscreen
    before i used Exploit+HEN and the result was a Message: Blackscreen + Use MIRA
    I sc*** out ^^

    I hope for a tipp or an Update

  11. Marlon Calleja says:

    The patch installer works well!

    • Michael Henkemeier says:

      Can you please give a link , what jailbreak you use ? Update 1.01 is out… still Blackscreen.

  12. Solarus says:

    To work need to be Mira and can not use dns

  13. HansWurst says:

    Hello. Please help. I used different MIRA Versions and no one works. I have install the update. Blackscreen. I am on 6.72.
    when i used exploit+HEN it require MIRA, but i do with MIRA many times. how about dns? i have a correct internet connection. testing ok. i only write up ssid + encryption finish.

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